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Photos Re-Envisioning History in Color

Almost everything we know from history is in black and white. We are so used to seeing everything in the past sans color, but recently a Reddit group called 'Colorized History' was discovered that has changed the way we can view it. It's a group of talented individuals who get permission to colorize old photos. They take political figures such as Abraham Lincoln to actors like Clint Eastwood and turn simple black and white photos into dimensional colorized works of art. Along with the photos listed, each of their links have a plethora of images they have converted as well.

6 Do’s and Don’ts on Working with Models

A simple Google search will turn up millions of results on what photographers should do/not do when working with models. However, nine times out of ten, these articles are written from a photographer’s perspective, and the model’s voice is rarely heard. Well, today is your lucky day! I have jumped in to give you the model perspective! Whether you are shooting underwater, commercial, fashion, conceptual, etc., some of the same rules of etiquette apply across the board.

Is Any Photograph Actually Worth $6,500,000?

Peter Lik must be one very happy camper. Earlier we broke the news of the sale of the “Phantom”, a black and white image of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, sold for a record breaking $6.5m, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold. A massive internal discussion amongst Fstoppers writers took place shortly thereafter, arguing whether any photograph was actually worth that much money.

Why the Key Ingredient of a Successful Photographer Is a Recognizable Style

There are a zillion photographers out there, but there aren’t a zillion clients. How do you make your work stand out? Success comes when a client will book you because it's you and not because you are just another good photographer. In the process, having a recognizable style might also make you a happier photographer. But how can you get there?

Peter Coulson and I Discuss the Potentially Illegal Sale of His Photo by Richard Prince

It's never a bad day, or more often evening, when I get to Skype with Peter Coulson, an artist I am proud to say is my friend, from his place in Melbourne, Australia. However, our most recent Skype discussion was totally hinged around the controversy surrounding Richard Prince's appropriation and subsequent sale of prints featuring Instagram screenshots of photos by other photographers. One of these photos, in fact, was shot by Coulson. I asked him about it, and we chatted.

'Creepy Photog' Arne Svenson Speaks About His Controversial Photo Series 'The Neighbors'

New York City-based photographer Arne Svenson spent a lot of time in the news after he pointed his telephoto lens at his neighbors' windows and began photographing them for the sake of art. Understandably many of his subjects were outraged when they learned that they had been secretly photographed and put on display for Svenson's profit. The resulting lawsuits spanned two separate courts and several years, during which, Svenson had remained mostly silent.

Lady Godiva Inspires Boudoir Photography [NSFW]

Horses have been the subject of many powerful images throughout time. They lend a magnificent presence to any photographers portfolio. Boudoir photography has been inspired by the story Lady Godiva and her nude ride on her horse for the people of Coventry.

Portrait Project Is Literally Too Hot to Handle

Nothing makes for a great photo like an equally impressive moment. Whether it’s an outpouring of jubilation, a solemn, tearful lament, or the grasping of victory, a one-of-a-kind moment is a photographer’s best friend. So, why not make some great moments for yourself, even if it pains you (or some of your friends) to do so? Enter Photographers Ofir Abe and Ben Saar.

Why All Photographers Should Take Self-Portraits

Self-portraits tend to get a somewhat bad rap, in part because of the selfie craze. But, self-portraits can be an incredibly beneficial process for photographers that can lead to great growth and skill development.

Self-Taught Photographer Lia Konrad Creates Epic Images Using Simple Tools

Not every photographer needs lavish resources and an army of helpers to create dramatic images that belie their basic production. Lia Konrad is a 23-year-old fine art photographer based in a small town in Germany, but she hasn’t let modest resources stop her from following her passion to create epic images inspired by her love of fairytales, myths, and fictional stories for her website Liancary.

Inside Vogue's June Cover Shoot With Annie Leibovitz

In the June 2012 issue of Vogue, photographer Annie Leibovitz had the amazing opportunity to photograph eight very talented US Olympic athletes alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss. Over the years, Annie has become known for her over-the-top sets and detailed lighting set-ups.

The Power of Storytelling With Light in Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography can be one of the most powerful ways to bring confidence back to an individual. Challenging their negative thoughts about themselves while repairing their body image is more rewarding to a boudoir photographer than the money itself (OK yes, the money is great but be honest — you love it when they cry those happy tears of joy seeing their images).

Women Explore a 'Sexual Relationship' With NYC in 'F*CKING NEW YORK' [NSFW]

To say New York City is a high-energy city would be a wholly plain and severely understated description of a city with which many have a deep loving, hateful, or love/hate relationship. The complexity of this relationship is further compounded by an unconditional love that many of its inhabitants feel, although that love might often be one born of a deep respect for its power to make or break those who hope to succeed within its confines. "F*cking New York" is a new photographic fine art book that expresses much of this tension, freedom, and energy through a visual exploration of a hypothetical "sexual relationship" with New York City.

Is Beyoncé's Twins Reveal Image Any Good?

When it comes to deciding how good a particular image is, there are three aspects that I think are most important: composition, lighting, and colors. These three properties could be described as the technical attributes of an image. There are those who have compared this image to The Birth of Venus and the Virgin Mary, based on a number of styling choices, one can see some similarities.