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Veteran Creative Director Creates a Horror Glitch Series Using Analog Effects

Televisions are not only a great place to view horror, but they have also played a key role in a number of scary films over the years from Poltergeist to The Ring. See how an artist has tapped directly into our psyche with some truly chilling imagery created using a series of analog devices to create the effects.

Behind the Scenes With Massive Machinery and Landscapes

Photographing behind the scenes at any large power producing area can be difficult not only to obtain entry but also to capture the massive scale to do the area justice. The areas are normally bustling with workers, smoke from the machines, and dust from the ground. Traveling to these destinations, however, will help show the world just what goes on behind that power that they use daily.

COVID-19 Positive: What Happens When You Are Infected While Running a Business

Businesses all over the world are in crisis due to COVID-19. Small companies are scrambling to figure out a way to keep their business open or at least relevant while this pandemic takes over. Studios are shutting their doors and owners prepping before their state gets the shelter in place order. But what happens if you, as the owner, test positive for the virus?

An Interview With Eric Magnussen: The Art of Drag and Photography

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the Emmy-winning global phenomenon taking reality TV by storm. The show is in its 13th season but boasts several spin-offs including All Stars, as well as localized seasons in Canada, UK, Thailand, Holland, Spain, and Australia. Drag race, as it is called by fans, is a reality competition that challenges contestants to find the drag performer who possesses the perfect blend of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

How 'The Hideaways' New Zealand Book Project Was Made

Sam Stuchbury and Hilary Ngan Kee’s enchanting new book "Hideaways" is a stunning showcase of tucked-away escape spots all over New Zealand that the creative, urban couple sourced and stayed at while researching the book — and they’re all available to the public.

The Surreal Self-Portraiture of Marc Klaus

Marc Klaus is one artist who has a voice uniquely his own. He has used visuals and storytelling to create a meta-narrative; the video has no words but acts as a deeply insightful look into Klaus's process through clever camera work, in-camera collage, and performance art.

Where is a Woman's Place in This Nation?

Masses gathered around the country to march in support together for women's rights. While each had their own unique story, most of what was heard was from adults in response to the new administration. One photographer wanted to go back to the youth of our nation to see how young girls and boys felt about these current issues to get to the root of the innocent take on the rights at hand.

Election Season: A Filmmaker's Last Request

For the past year we have been subjected to constant political bombardment. With the U.S. presidential election right around the corner, there is finally, thankfully, an end in sight. Like every presidential election, artists are using their talents to sway voters to the left or to the right. But Filipino born filmmaker Bryan Alano and a team of other photographers and poets have chimed in at the last minute with a reasonable and artistic project that serves as a last request to voters.

Capturing Something Different: Abstract Aerial Art Creates Amazing Images of the Earth's Texture

I have been flying my drone for just about two years now and am always looking to push myself to find new things to shoot. A year ago when I was in Nevada, I shot the ground of the desert with my Phantom 3 and was intrigued by the look and texture in the photo. At the time, I hadn't seen many photos showing textures of the earth until a few months later when I stumbled upon Abstract Aerial Art. Every time I look at their photos, I can't help but to stare at them and try to understand what I am looking at.

Filmmaker Turns Approach to Cause-Based Films Upside-Down

Our world is full of injustice and inequality. But our world is also full of people that are trying to get rid of it, or that are at least trying to change the situation for the better. The big challenge everyone who is trying to help is facing, is making people care about something that has no direct impact on their own lives.

Celebrated Food Photog Marcus Nilsson Dishes on Shooting On-Camera Flash, Tilt-Shift Lenses, and Why He Hates Sandwiches
Marcus Nilsson thinks outside the box. A former chef, Nilsson stumbled into food photography and ended up being one of the photographers who shaped our contemporary approach to cuisine. Today, Nilsson is still pushing that envelope (with on-camera flash, what?!), and regularly works for some of the world’s top foodie magazines, including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, Details, Esquire, Everyday with Rachael Ray, the Food Network, GQ, and Travel+Leisure. Check out the full FS Spotlight interview below, where Nilsson dishes on shooting on-camera flash, tilt-shift lenses, crazy Mexican market foods, and why he hates sandwiches.
Shooting the Titanic: How Do You Light the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck?

Hey everyone! I'm Reese and I'm excited to be joining the Fstoppers team. Lee and Patrick have brought me on to do the FS Spotlight, a new weekly Q&A with professional photographers at the absolute top of their field. The interviews are going to touch on everything from from how they reached rock star status to shooting video to what cameras they shoot with and their advice to all aspiring photographers. Click the full post to read about Titanic Photographer Emory Kristof! As a writer/photographer myself, I want to hear how they got where they are and how they get these amazing shots, but more importantly I want to know what YOU want to hear from them as well. What's your interest? Surfing? Combat photography? Food? Retouching? If you could score a 5 minute Q&A with any photographer in the world, who would that be? Let me know!