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Shooting the Titanic: How Do You Light the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck?

Hey everyone! I'm Reese and I'm excited to be joining the Fstoppers team. Lee and Patrick have brought me on to do the FS Spotlight, a new weekly Q&A with professional photographers at the absolute top of their field. The interviews are going to touch on everything from from how they reached rock star status to shooting video to what cameras they shoot with and their advice to all aspiring photographers. Click the full post to read about Titanic Photographer Emory Kristof! As a writer/photographer myself, I want to hear how they got where they are and how they get these amazing shots, but more importantly I want to know what YOU want to hear from them as well. What's your interest? Surfing? Combat photography? Food? Retouching? If you could score a 5 minute Q&A with any photographer in the world, who would that be? Let me know!