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Mauritian Photographer Shamma Esoof With Her Astonishing, Sad Owl Portraits [Interview]

A couple of years ago, I came across a portrait of a sad owl under the rain on 500px. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I never knew there existed such a deep photograph of a non-human creature. I was not the only one thinking so. That picture had won an award and I discovered Shamma Esoof (Sham Jolimie), a person who advocates for animal welfare, social justice, and is passionate about nature conservation. The cherry on top was when I discovered that the author of that unforgettable owl portrait was a mutual friend on social media and was from Mauritius, a country I call my second home after Armenia.

Tips for Starting Out in Pet Photography

Pets are considered by most as family members. Some prefer cats, others prefer dogs, and some even are drawn to the the flying kind of lovable companions. While most think of only photographing their beloved fur babies as a hobby, have you ever thought about turning it into a marketable portion of your company?

The No Forced Smile Approach to Special Needs Photography

"Say cheese" might be one of the most common things you think of when it comes to standard portrait photography. In the days of mall studios or even class pictures, this phrase is something we can all attest to hearing at least once in our lives. With more modern day photography, there has become less and less forced smiles and bribery in order to get that perfect image.

Fine Art Photographer Bella Kotak Transforms Insecurities Into Beauty and Inspiration

Photography is often an underrated tool, especially when it comes to helping others with self-confidence or overcoming personal issues. Fine art photographer, Bella Kotak, went through some health issues herself a few years ago, and her whole world began to change. She couldn’t find inspiration anymore and discovered how much other people suffered as well but still put a brave face on for the world. It inspired her to create a new series of stunning images showcasing and celebrating feminity, inner light, and strength of spirit captured against the ever-changing backdrop of nature. And don’t believe for a second she used agency models; she reached out to women with insecurities issues that follow her. Here are some of their stories.

Photographing Great Whites: Thomas Peschak Shoots To Save The Planet

Marine biologist and underwater photojournalist Thomas Peschak is a man on the move. The near-nomadic photographer spends over 300 days a year on the road, creating photographs that inspire viewers while focusing on very serious environmental issues, including kelp forest ecology, shark conservation, and the impacts of illegal fishing. Peschak is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a contributor to National Geographic magazine, and was recently named as one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the world. He catches up with Fstoppers to talk about swimming with great whites, the power of photography as a conversation tool, and his most controversial photograph.
Beautiful Landscapes Taken From the Comfort of a Computer

While thousands of adventurers and photographers explore the far reaches of our planet forever looking for that next great vista, Marcus DeSieno spends hours scouring over 10,000 traffic and weather cams quietly watching some of the world's most remote and beautiful places. "I’ve watched the sun set over the Grand Canyon, seen waves crashing into Hawaii, watched storms passing over [the Swiss Alps],” DeSieno told Wired. “It’s all from the comfort of my desk chair.”

How I Got The Shot! With Red Bull Photographer Ryan Taylor

Photographer Ryan Taylor recently worked with Red Bull to shoot a highlight story on Hilary Knight, one of Red Bull’s professional athletes and member of US Olympic Hockey team. With Knight going to the winter Olympics this February it was the perfect opportunity to showcase her journey to Gold.

[FS Spotlight] Mike Schreiber Shoots Hip Hop's Biggest Stars...With Natural Light

Mike Schreiber is not your average photographer. The renowned hip hop photog shoots natural light, has never assisted, and doesn't give a crap about your fancy digital camera. This badass photographer has shot for Vibe, Spin, Atlantic Records, The Source, XXL, and URB, and his portfolio is filled with incredible images of Erkyah Badu, John Legend, Mos Def, Diddy, MIA, and Nas. Not enough? Schreiber recently released his first book, True Hip Hop. I knew it was going to be a good interview when hip hop photographer Mike Schreiber’s e-mail signed off with the words “Find food. Mate. Don’t get eaten.” Check out our interview, where Schreiber talks about getting the shot, getting to the top, and keeping it real in the digital age.
The Art of Sports Photography: Shooting the Olympics with Adam Pretty

Adam Pretty has taken sports photography to an absolute art. The Australian photographer has a unique ability to think outside the box (or viewfinder) and push the limits of conventional sports images, and his portfolio is filled with photographs that are equally suitable for the cover of a sports magazine or a contemporary art museum. Pretty, with Getty Images since 1998, has photographed the last five Olympic Games, as well as shooting assignments worldwide for Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine, Time Magazine and Harpers Bazaar. Pretty took a moment out of his frenetic schedule to chat with Fstoppers on shooting the Olympics, creating a great image, and his recent shift to advertising photography.
Landscapes of Uncommonly Deserted Cities

Nicknamed the city that never sleeps, New York City is commonly known for busy streets and people on the go at any time of the day or night. When one photographer sees the opportunity to photograph these commonly hustling cities into a uncommonly deserted areas, the results are a tranquil look into the true heart of some of the worlds most famous locations.