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Animeyed: Human-Animal Hybrid Portraits By Flóra Borsi

Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi is not your average self-portrait artist. Many of us are satisfied with the regular glamorous makeup and looks, but Borsi shapes her own perception of the perfect selfie through her exceptional creativity. A while ago, Flóra took a picture along with her dog in which the eyes of the dog overlapped with her own, creating a feeling as though this was an eye of hers. This was the initial trigger to create the "Animeyed" project, a series of self-portraits with different animals whose facial features overlap with her own, giving an illusion of one, common eye.

[FS Spotlight] Surfing Photography: Chris Burkard On Protecting Your Gear, Catching the Moment, and Drunk Boat Captains

Chris Burkard spends his days traveling to some of the planet’s most magnificent beaches, where he navigates all sorts of technical complications in search of the perfect surfing shot. Despite obstacles such as drunk Chilean boat captains, salt water corrosion, and even being thrown in a Russian prison, Burkard continually manages to capture the moment, the beauty of the landscape, and create timeless photographs. The Surfer magazine staff photographer has traveled the globe, won the Red Bull illume photo competition, and released photo book The California Surf Project... and he’s only 25 years old. Fstoppers catches up with the globe-trotting youngster to ask about his gear, craziest stories, and the technical aspects of shooting in the water. Hear Chris talk about his work in the video below, and then read the full FS Spotlight interview.
How to Double Your Inquiries With One Simple Addition to Your Website

Photographers of all genres rely on new inquires as well as returning clients to fill their calendar for the year. Keeping up with returning clients is easily done, however getting the fresh new leads does not have to be a difficult task if your website has a few minor additions.

How a Photographer Continues to Find Himself Through the Camera

For some of us, photography is a job that we love, and for some of us, it's a window into our very being that can help us discover or rediscover who we are. This touching video features one photographer who uses the craft to learn about himself and heal.

Photography Mix Up! Artist Photoshops Everyday Objects in Photo Match Ups

On a late night twitter search one of my guilty pleasures is following Pee Wee Herman; it just so happened Pee Wee tweeted an image from this artist's account where he took a dump truck and filled it with fruit loops. How could I not dig further and find out who this creative and silly person is and what else have they done?

The Life of a Large Format Photographer

Large format photography is something entirely different from 35mm digital, medium format, and even other film photography. This fantastic video features a large format photographer discussing his story and some of the process behind making his images, and his lessons are readily applicable to any other type of photography.

Twilight And Brokeback Mountain Photographer Kimberley French Talks Movie Photography

Hey everyone! I'm Reese and I'm excited to be a part of the Fstoppers team. My segment, The FS Spotlight, is a new weekly Q&A session with professional photographers at the absolute top of their field. The interviews are going to touch on everything from from how they reached rock star status to their shooting style to what cameras they shoot with as well as their advice to all aspiring photographers. Click the full post to read my interview with movie photographer Kimberley French! As a writer/photographer myself, I want to hear how photographers got to where they are and how they get these amazing shots; but more importantly I want to know what YOU want to hear from them as well. What’s your interest? Surfing? Combat photography? Food? Retouching? If you could score a 5 minute Q&A with any photographer in the world, who would that be? Let me know!
Rooftop Photography as Fine Art

Rooftops hold a certain allure but it's not just urban explorers and extreme sports narcissists that are drawn to the tops of buildings to capture this alternative view of the city. Photographer and Artist Alain Cornu drags a 4x5 field camera onto the rooftops of Paris to create stunningly beautiful images that feel like portals into another world.

Lisa Kereszi: Shooting Burlesque Dancers, Art, and Working with Nan Goldin -NSFW

Hey everyone! For this Fstoppers Spotlight, I’m excited to present renowned conceptual fine art photographer Lisa Kereszi. Kereszi, who started out assisting none other than Nan Goldin and currently serves as Acting Director of Undergraduate Studies in Photography at the Yale School of Art, creates stunning images that are both stark and surprisingly complex. Click the Full Post to read my interview with one of the most renowned photographers of our time.
Portrait Photographer Empowers Women, Builds Legacy for Daughter

One Minnesota photographer is working to dig beneath the pretty surface in an effort to show women the beauty they hold within. In the process, she is building a living legacy for her daughter, one that she only recently began to see in herself.