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Why You Should Be Showing Your Boudoir Leads a Full Gallery List

During that important pre-consultation with a client, most likely, she will ask to see an entire session. They have seen your amazing images on social media, but usually just one or two from a session. If you only show a few images from each set, how does your client know if those just weren't the best of the best?

Understanding Photoshop's Healing Brushes

Retouching is one of the main reasons most photographers use Photoshop. Understanding how and when to use the specialized tools can be trial and error until you find which works best for your workflow. A few tips on what each tool is doing behind the scenes can help with these choices.

Eight Tips to Speed Up Your Editing

A few weeks ago in a boudoir forum I came across a subject on what was the most time-consuming portion of most photographers' flow. The majority of the comments referred to culling and editing. So if you are looking to speed up your own workflow with minimal editing this video is for you.

Outdoor Boudoir: It's a Thing [NSFW]

That's right you boudoir photographers, if you haven't tried shooting boudoir outside before then you are seriously missing out. There really are quite a few reasons why you should give it a try here are a few of my favorite reasons why I shoot boudoir outside instead of in a studio.

Top Three Lenses for Boudoir Photography [NSFW]

Time and time again photographers ask what is the best lens for a certain type of photography. Truth is that there is never one best, as each session may call for something a bit different.

Fstoppers Reviews the Wood Be Nice Portable Backdrop Wall

While having a brick-and-mortar studio is nice, it isn't always feasible. Photographers create backdrops out of their homes, garages, or on set to disguise the location using stands with muslins, seamless paper, or even collapsible options as well. In searching for other options, I found a portable wood look to be the perfect fit.

Amazon Boudoir Wardrobe Finds for Under $20

A few months ago I wrote about the higher end luxury finds for your boudoir wardrobe closet. In those instances where a client has either brought unflattering pieces or that she is relying on your to help guide her in looks, having these backups are perfect to get more looks for bigger sales. While having a closet can be helpful, it also does not have to break the bank if you are just starting out or like to change things up constantly.

Is Boudoir Photography Becoming More of a Feeling Than Location?

Boudoir photography is not a new concept, however, the way in which it is viewed has changed drastically over the years. When it once was an art form on the female body, represented solely indoors in a bedroom, the title now has moved to include other versions. It could be argued that if it does not adhere to specific criteria, it cannot be called boudoir. In my opinion, the original term might just need to be evolved to include other concepts as the term among the majority of photographers in this genre refer to boudoir as more of a feeling than a location.

A Twelve-Mile Hike for Competition Prints [NSFW]

Working with clients on a day-to-day basis, it can be very easy to fall into a creative rut, using the same go-to posing, styling, and scenery for the simple reason we know what will sell during a client viewing appointment. For the business aspect, this is very efficient when selling images. For the artist, many feel the need for something more by pushing the creative limits. A little adventure is all it may take to get geared back up and into the creative mindset.

Tips for a Winter Wonderland Session on Location [NSFW]

A thick blanket of white covers falling tree limbs in a beautiful landscape just calling for you to shoot your outdoor session. Navigating the labyrinth of paths to get the perfect scene is obtainable with a few from fellow photographers. Last week we discussed how to prepare for shoots in the desert and now we go to the opposite side of the spectrum with a winter wonderland shoot in the snow. A few suggestions will help the safety of your clients as well as getting those killer shots.

Top Tips for Shooting Boudoir in the Desert

Last week photographers from around the world came together for the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas. It is common to hear many photographers talk about their plans to hit the desert for incredible landscapes or portrait sessions in between classes and workshops. A few tips from pro boudoir photographers can help you the next time you are able to take the trip.

Using Your Clients to Boost Your SEO

Blogging has been an excellent way to boost your SEO and maintain the attention of your clients. It shows off your brand, your images and your writing. However have you thought about how blogging can hurt your business if you lack consistency? If you have been stumped with new ideas on what to write about simply ask your clients to write for you.

Beyond Boudoir: Photographing Real Couples in Bed

"I get invited into strangers' bedrooms to photograph real sex," shouted the headline. A few days ago, I encountered the work of Roxy Hervé, a London and Paris-based artist/photographer who had been interviewed by Vice. The headline wasn't accurate (and has since been changed), but as I found out from speaking to a few other photographers, it did lead me to discover how easily boudoir photography can turn into something else.

The Importance of Having Brand Ambassadors for Consistent Bookings

Marketing yourself as a photographer can not only be time consuming but a drain on your creativity. The time that is scheduled for marketing could be going towards more sessions or creative projects. The benefits of having a team of brand ambassadors will get you booked months ahead and get you back behind the camera.

How to Pose Hands for a Better Boudoir Session

The art in hands placement has been a tough subject for many photographers. Letting the client rest a hand rarely ends in an image filled with emotion or story. Knowing the simple techniques behind how to guide your client in where to place the hand, how to move them during the session, and how to convey emotion through the soft touch of the hand will take your session to a new level.