How to Photograph Layers Within a Landscape

One endlessly enjoyable inclusion in any landscape photograph is layers. Not only does it give the difficult-to-convey depth of the real scene, but it's also often pleasing to the eye. In this video, watch how these beautiful layered landscapes of mountains were created.

24mm Versus 200mm Lens Landscape Photography Shootout

Wide-angle lenses are the go-to for most landscape photographers, but longer lenses are often seen as underrated. In this video, two professional landscape photographers take either end of the lens spectrum to see who can produce the best shots in the mountains of Wales.

A Look at One of the Most Insanely Difficult Shots in Movie History

Brian De Palma is well known for movies like "Carrie," "Scarface," and "Mission: Impossible." His 1990 film "The Bonfire of the Vanities" was panned by critics and was also a box office bomb, but within it is one incredibly cool shot that took an unbelievable amount of planning and technique to pull off, and the result was well worth the effort. This awesome video will show you the scene as well as what went into making it.

What Does Photography Mean to You?

A great deal of ink is spilled on these interwebs talking about the latest in photography gear and what you should or should not buy. But photography means more than just technology.

13 Tricks to Master Your Gimbal

Consumer-level gimbals have changed the quality of videography for smaller productions for the better. Now, everyone from indie film enthusiasts to vloggers can have smooth, dynamic footage in their work. However, using a gimbal is more of a skill than it might first seem.

Behind the Scenes of a Beautiful Landscape Shoot in Iceland

Watch as one photographer returns to Stokksnes in Iceland to try to better a shot he had taken of the same place some years prior. Iceland truly is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and this quiet, relaxing video does a great job of showing some of its allure.

Go Behind the Scenes of My Food Photoshoot

The landscape of all businesses looks different, and store after store keeps closing because of online businesses. The type of business we see consistently is the dining establishment, and their need for content is immense.

How to Become a Better Filmmaker

There is more demand for video than ever before and by an incredible margin. That demand, in combination with the plethora of new tools and gadgets for creating videos, has led to some of the fundamentals getting lost in the weeds. In this video, one filmmaker discusses how taking things back to basics can benefit your work.

Hands-On With the Fujinon XF R LM WR 33mm f/1.4

There are some great lenses in the Fuji range and this new release looks to further that history. In this video, see behind-the-scenes of a shoot with their latest offering and how it performs for studio portraiture.

Developing Cyanotypes on Glass

Very often in photography, things go very wrong. In this video, Nicole Small shares her successes and failures in developing cyanotypes.

How a Photographer Shot This Levitating Model on Location

The levitating portrait is something of a classic and for good reason: it's effective at catching the eye and holding the viewer. In this video, watch a full breakdown, including behind-the-scenes footage, of how the shot was achieved, from start to finish.

Photographing Strangers on Film

Photography as a job and as a hobby are two very different things. For professional photographers, this distinction means consistently working at their practice, rather than at certain points or only if inspiration strikes.

Behind the Scenes of a Shoot for a Commercial Using Only Natural Light

Shooting a commercial is a difficult task at the best of times, but to do so only utilizing natural light, is even trickier. In this video, go behind the scenes of the shoot as Eric Floberg walks you through settings, equipment, and considerations to get to the professional final result.