Why You Might Not Be Finding Success as a Photographer

Part of the difficulty of finding success as a photographer is that the pathway there is a bit more nebulous and less codified than more traditional careers. If you are struggling a bit right now, this excellent video essay discusses an array of things that might be holding you back and what you can do to correct them and increase your chances of finding success.

How Much a Photographer Made in 2020

No doubt, 2020 was one of the most difficult years ever for a lot of us, and maintaining a business was a tremendous challenge. This great video features a photographer breaking down his income for the year in exact amounts to give you a good idea of how things have changed since the start of the pandemic.

How YouTube Saved a Photographer in 2020

2020 was horrible for a lot of photographers, leading many of us to work on finding alternate income streams to shore up our businesses. For one photographer, this meant leaning more heavily on his YouTube channel, and this fantastic video breakdown shows you how he generated income through his channel and offers some tips for how to do so with your own work.