Becoming a Full-Time Landscape Photographer: 9 Months on YouTube

Becoming a full-time landscape photographer can be difficult to navigate and there are many paths you can take. I've focused heavily on developing a YouTube channel to hopefully turn my passion into more, and in this 3rd update, I go over my progress, revenue, setbacks, and what the future holds.

What Do You Do When People Say They Don't Need a Professional Photographer?

The proliferation of cameras that can produce impressive photos with minimal user intervention (all in a phone) has been great in a lot of ways, but on the other hand, it has also led to a lot of potential clients thinking they no longer need the services of professional photographers. So, how do you deal with that? This excellent video essay discusses how to handle ever-evolving attitudes toward professional photographers.

Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Retouching?

Photographers generally like full control over an image from the moment they press the shutter to when they export it and send it off to the client, and as such, the idea of handing over retouching responsibilities to someone else can seem ludicrous. Some photographers do it and actually prefer it, however, and this interesting video essay features one successful photographer discussing why.

The Problem With Doing What You Love

Doing what you love is the dream for many and a reality for some. However, it comes with its own difficulties and pitfalls along the way — perhaps even more — and it's not for everyone.

What Was Your Worst Photoshoot Ever?

We have all had our fair share of smooth photoshoots where everything goes like a dream and probably a few not-so-smooth shoots where it feels like one never-ending disaster you can't escape. What was your worst photoshoot? This fun video features a photographer discussing his and offering some of the lessons he learned from the experience.

Photographers Charge That Much?

You push a button on the really nice camera and then run it through a neat little filter. That's all photographers do, right? Then, why are we expensive, and why would any client want to invest that much into a good photographer? Wouldn't it be easier to buy a camera and push the button yourself?

Photographers, Stop Calling Yourself a Creative Director

I have noticed a huge trend of photographers calling themselves creative directors. On the social media app Clubhouse, there was a wave of creative directors. I hosted rooms to educate the photography community on what a creative director does and why calling yourself a creative director prematurely might hurt your growth.

Why I Became A Professional Photographer

Having spent a long and exhausting, but fruitful and necessary, weekend going about the chore of reorganizing my overly cluttered garage, I found myself with time to think about a basic question. Why exactly did I become a professional photographer?

Why You Should Start Selling Postcards Through Your Website and How to Do It

Many photographers would love to sell prints from their website but holding stock is expensive, shipping can be complicated, and buying a quality print can be a significant investment of money and wallspace that won't appeal to a large chunk of your audience. Why not sell postcards instead?

What Camera Gear Makes Me the Most Money

As a working professional commercial photographer, the return on investment (ROI) of your equipment is very important. Or at least it should be. In this video, I look at what actually makes me money.

Ready to Start Making Money From Your Photography? Here's How

For a lot of us, making the move from passionate hobbyist to professional is a dream, but the road there is anything but straight and easy to navigate. If you are ready to start making some income from your photography, this excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful advice to increase your chances of finding success.

The Best Professional Photography Investments

As a professional commercial photographer, most of my purchases are made as investments. Sadly, not all of them have been, but the general ethos is that I have to invest in my photography to stay relevant in my career choice.