Videographer Builds a 'Spinning Rig of Death' Out of Robots So He Can Get This Crazy Shot

We've posted some of his behind the scenes videos on here before, because this director's innovative use of technology to film some of the most visually appealing commercial videos to ever hit our screens is unparalleled. Here he is, explaining how he used his robots to make a mind-bending shot of a slice of lime falling into a glass.

Ecommerce Photography: Fstoppers Interviews Ella Grace Bell

Ella Grace Bell is a commercial photographer based out of Vancouver British Columbia who has worked with brands like Bootlegger Jeans, Poppy Finch, and Mobiado Watches, but freelancing isn't her main gig. She has a nine to five photography job that pays her bills, which seems to be a vanishing commodity outside photography studios.

How to Build a Commercial Portfolio

Commercial photography is notoriously hard to get into. In this video, I go over my complete workflow for shooting commercially viable portfolios from inception, through the shooting process, and into post-production.

The Path to Success With Natasha Gerschon

In striving to become a better photographer and business owner, I’m always trying to learn more about how others have found their way to success. I recently had the chance to speak with Natasha Gerschon about her journey. Gerschon was more than happy to share.

4 Things I Do at the End of Every Photoshoot

At the end of a hard days shooting, it is easy to make mistakes, which is why I have this four part check list that I follow obsessively to make sure that I have everything I need before calling a wrap on the day.

If You Love Photography Don’t Become A Professional

The dream of becoming a professional photographer is extremely common. It looks like a glamorous gig, but it’s not as simple as getting paid to take photos. Becoming a pro photographer also means becoming an entrepreneur, and that’s way harder than learning how to shoot on M.

Switching to Canon's Mirrorless for Better Adventure Photography

Adventure photography has taken its place as a component of the broader commercial market. Characterized by stunning, hard-to-reach locations and demanding conditions, gear can be critical to getting the shot. These days, mirrorless’ features make it the format of choice.