New to Commercial Photography? You Should Try Up-Selling.

Up-selling is part and parcel of the wedding and portrait photography business. Many photographers depend on these selling techniques to generate a decent income. But similar opportunities can be found in the commercial genre — you just need to know how to target them.

BTS: How Apple Made Its 'Made on iPad Pro' Ads With the New iPad Pro

Apple's latest iPad Pro ads tout what you're able to do with the new tablet as it gets closer and closer to offering the full capabilities of your computer, camera, and editing suite. Today, however, Apple shared a look into how it made those ads with the iPad itself (from the shoot to the edit) as the iPad Pro became both subject and filmmaker.

"Can I Get a Copy Of Those Photos?"

It's probably happened to you: you're shooting away and someone, usually the venue owner, approaches you. You get that sinking feeling hearing those dreaded five words: "Can I get a copy?"

$25,000 for a Wedding? It's Easier Than You Think!
The market is saturated — true. Competition is driving prices into the ground — sure. But it can be done: generating more income through wedding photography can be achieved. The question is, are you up for the challenge?

How I Improved My Photography by Ditching HDR

If you rely heavily on HDR for your image processing, I have some news for you: It can be a lazy approach, and you may be using it in the wrong applications. It's time to learn about the limitations of HDR and far better alternatives at your disposal.

The Most Important Tips To Consider When Building a Website for Photography

Every photographer needs a good website; that's a given. What isn't so obvious is should you have a contact page? What about a photo on your bio? Is it best to have multiple galleries or everything on one landing page? Today Lee and I review a few websites to show you what does and doesn't work when displaying your work.

Which Focal Length Is the Best for an Editorial Photoshooot?

Every well-rounded photographer needs to be able to tell a story in three images or less. This is particularly important when shooting editorial content for online publications and in print magazines. On today's assignment, I explore three different focal lengths to capture a well-rounded story of a local musician.

How To Build A Business Plan As A Photographer - Part Three

In our first two segments of building a business plan, we’ve talked about defining your product and forming a long term vision. In this final section we will talk about some of the practical steps you need to take to take those hypothetical concepts and put them into action.

How a Photographer Made an Extra $31,000 on One Shoot

Last year, Fstoppers produced a tutorial with Monte Isom, which has helped numerous photographers including Gregg Shipman. In this video, Shipman details how he earned an extra $31,000 in just one photoshoot using the knowledge gained in the tutorial.