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How To Make A Transparent Car

"Can we make a transparent car?... Of course, we can do anything given the time and the budget"
Marc & Louis Photography Storyboard their bloody shoots

I was sent this video by Marie-Louise Cadosch of Marc & Louis Photography based out of Switzerland, and I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in their planning and preproduction. Their behind the scenes video "Bleed Like Me" is gruesome and not for the faint of heart but I doubt you have seen anything like it. And if you are thinking about our DSLR Contest, you may find some editing tricks for your own video. Click the link to find out how they shot and filmed this series.
Pete Barrett Shoots A New Balance Ad (Update)

Here is a quick timelapse of one of Pete's latests commercial gigs. It is a bit difficult to see what he is exactly doing in terms of lighting but I am simply impressed by the complexity of this shoot. Look how many people are on the set! After you watch this video head over to his website and be prepared to be blown away. Check the full post to read a message from the photographer.

Behind the scenes on the New Balance photo shoot. from Pete Barrett on Vimeo.

Ray Demski Shoots Cliff Diving For Red Bull

Ray Demski, Marcel Lämmerhirt, and Chris Stadler were all commissioned by Red Bull to shoot their cliff diving event in Hamburg. Shooting the event was no easy task but luckily for us Ray Demski was kind enough to share how they did it. /center>
Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week

Last month Patrick and I had the unique opportunity to follow Todd and Reese of King Street Studios around as they shot Charleston Fashion Week. Not only did they get the standard runway shots, they also setup a small studio backstage and shot amazing portraits of the models right before they were rushed onto the runway. You are about to be blown away by what is possible with a single light.