Okay Go Films A Video In One Take

In Okay Go's newest video, This Too Shall Pass, the band decided to build a Rube Goldberg Machine and film it unfold in one take. Click the link to watch how they filmed the whole thing and the challenges that come with creating something this unique.
John Chiara's Camera Is The Size Of A Truck

Check out John Chiara's home made camera; it's so big he had to build it inside of a trailer! If you thought it was tough getting out and shooting, you now have no excuse after you watch the amount of effort put into making these images. /center>
Tim Shepherd Spends 2 Years Photographing Plants

When I first saw this video I was completely blown away. Using timelapse and high speed photography, Tim Shepherd and David Attenborough produce some stunning footage of plants growing over the course of 2 years. Check out this crazy video produced by the BBC /center>
Brandon Voges Hangs His Models Upside Down

Tired of the same old portrait? Let Brandon Voges inspire you to change things up. After you watch his video check out his site here. >
Fstoppers Original:  Dave Lehl, Snowboard Photographer

Dave Lehl is one of the best snowboard photographers in North America. Luckily we are good friends and were allowed to tag along during one of his photoshoots in the back country of Vail, Colorado. In Dave's own words, what you are about to watch is "pretty typical"...Click the post for another video of Dave talking about his career. /center>
Hennessy Campaign Shot With Light Painting

I have a few blogs that I go to each day. Today both Gizmodo and Strobist had posts about this video. This is exactly what Fstoppers is all about! /center>
How To Snowboard On Leaves

Zimtstern, a clothing company needed a new commercial so they decided to advertise their snowboard apparel in a completely new way. Watch the behind the scenes video below and then the finished product in the full post.