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The Latest Nissan Sentra SE-R commercial Is So Cool
Sometimes when filming a commercial you need to step back and view the large picture. Other times you need to view it small.... 1/10th scale small! Check out this video of the new Nissan as the entire crew show you how it was created and click the post to view the final commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz7rBuXJG58 /center>

S1 Studio Shoots MMA fighters
Sometimes you may need a flash that can recycle at 10 frames per second to capture your photoshoot. Watch as Profoto and Studio S1 out of Toronto, Canada sponsor an assistant shootout with Mixed Martial Arts fighters. If this does not have you wanting to upgrade to Profoto gear nothing probably will...

Profoto Fight Night from S1 Group on Vimeo.

Simon Gerzina Is At It Again
A couple of weeks ago I posted a killer video of Simon Gerzina behind the scenes shooting fashion. Well he is at it again and we love his video and finished product just as much as the first one. After you watch him work check out his other photography here. If you live in NYC don't miss out on his April 10-11 workshop. Fashion Shoot Time Lapse from Simon Gerzina on Vimeo.

Dominique Daher Talks About Shooting Wind Surfing
Dom Daher is an extreme sport photographer. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have to shoot commercial photos while avoiding crashing waves and aggressive surfers then this video should wet your appetite.

Joel Sartore Shoots Endangered Species
This is the is what Fstoppers is all about. National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has created a book that will feature portraits of endangered species. To go along with his book he created a quick video promo. This video is the behind the scenes of that promo. View the full post to see the extraordinary finished product.

RARE: Behind the Scenes from Joel Sartore on Vimeo.