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Lars Franzen Shoots A Fight

Lars Franzen shows us how to take amazing pictures outside with only small battery powered strobes. If you want to see more of Lars' amazing photography check out his site at: >
Chase Jarvis Gets Dangerous

Chase Jarvis films some skateboarders for an investment company! Check out all the newest tools for filming HD video off your DSLR and that spare RED One camera collecting dust in your closet :) /center>
Alexx Henry Revisted

Alexx Henry raises the bar again with his latest magazine motion cover for release with the Apple ipad. It is not standard practice for Fstoppers to highlight two videos back to back but this was too good to pass up. Click the post to see how this was created and shot.
Alexx Henry Shoots A "Living Portrait"

Most photographers think outside the box. Alexx Henry starts outside the box and then crams it all back into the box. If there is one video to watch this week, this Outside Magazine cover shoot might be it!
Nathaniel Welch:  Location Photography Specialist

Nathaniel Welch has shot with Joe Perry, Sarah Palin, Chuck Liddell, Terrell Owens, Myth Busters, Guinness Beer, Brad Pitt, ESPN, Ricky Gervais, and Snoop Dogg....just to name a few!
Christopher Lynch Shoots The Satellite Nation

Before launched I was in NYC at a scuba store preparing for my trip to Belize. I was talking to the store owner about underwater photography and Christopher Lynch walked up and joined in the conversation. Chris explained that he was a professional commercial shooter and after some great advice he gave me his card and went on his way. I went to his website later that night and found some fantastic behind the scenes footage. I have a hard time setting up shoots in small towns, he does it on the streets of Manhattan.
Kesler Tran Builds A Set Out In The Desert

Some photographers think taking a pretty model out to a remote location will result in a great photograph. Others know they need to build a studio on location to create something even better. Watch what Kesler Tran does when out on a dried lake bed! /center>