The Winner of Our Virgin Islands Shoot-Off Is...

Last week, Lee Morris, Mike Kelley, and I posted our best image taken during our boating trip to the US Virgin Islands. We asked you which image was the best and who shot what. Today, we reveal the results to see who is the "greatest photographer of all time."

Vote: Who Is the Best Photographer?

Many of you know Mike Kelley is visiting Patrick and Lee down in Puerto Rico. This last weekend, they set up a rather unique challenge to see which one of them is the best photographer. We need you to vote on which photograph is best and who took each image to settle the debate once and for all!

The Best Images from GuruShots "Incredible Architecture" Challenge

GuruShots, host of "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” has released yet another fantastic challenge. Participants were invited to submit their best photos of "Incredible Architecture." The challenge received thousands of entries and millions of votes. Check out the three winners of the challenge as well as hundreds of top rated images below.

New Getty Images and iStock Cash Grants Worth $20,000 for Emerging Artists

With the onset of the pandemic and slowdown in production, income from stock photography has become an increasingly important source of revenue for many photographers. Getty Images and iStock have recently announced a new program to provide grants to emerging photographers interested in entering the stock photography market.

One of the Best Ways to Become a Better Photographer

There are a thousand skills — technical, artistic, and observational — that need to be mastered to make great images. But to really get better we have to, first, learn to do this.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Photography Competition

There's a huge variety of photography competitions, from your local camera club, to huge global awards and some big prizes if you win. So, how do you win a photography competition, and is there a special formula you can use to reap the rewards?

The Best Images from GuruShots "World of Water" Challenge

GuruShots, creator of "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” hosts hundreds of various themed challenges open for anyone to enter. They recently hosted a challenge entitled "World of Water" that received thousands of entries and had millions of votes. Check out the three winners of the challenge below as well as the 100 top rated images.

Five Tips for Shooting Better Macro Photography

As a macro photographer, I commonly get asked questions about shooting fast-moving live subjects, as well as how I create my compositions. Many elements come into play when creating these images, and so, I would like to discuss a few macro photography tips, including some that often get overlooked.

The Best Images from GuruShots "Lit by Twilight" Challenge

Our friends over at GuruShots, "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” recently offered a challenge where particpants submitted their best images "Lit by Twilight." There were thousands of entries and 39.4 million votes throughout the contest but the top winners have been chose. See who won as well as the 100 top rated images below.

Want to Win $3,700? Just Take an Image of a Pet, Any Pet.

That's right, $3,700 is up for grabs in the newly announced Comedy Pet Photo Awards. Just take a humorous photo of a pet and you're in the running. And the best part is that it doesn't even need to be your pet. It can be anyone's. Read on for more information.