The Genius of Sherlock Explained

BBC's "Sherlock" has been widely praised since it debut in 2010 thanks to it's razor sharp dialog, witty humor, and gorgeous production. From a filmmaking perspective there is much to be admired, which is why we were thrilled to see Nerdwriter1 use the Conan Doyle adaptation as his latest subject in his latest YouTube video essay.

Critique the Community Episode 20: Editorial and Fashion Photography with Clay Cook

For the past month, the Fstoppers team has been working with Clay Cook filming a new original tutorial on Editorial Photography. While we were filming, we used some of our time with Clay to offer feedback to a variety of images submitted by the Fstoppers community. We chose 20 images to critique. Check out our selections below and add your thoughts and ratings to the comments below. If you want to learn more about the new tutorial with Clay Cook, be sure to signup below to receive more information and an early bird discount.

Visiting Sir Elton John’s Dazzling Modernist Photography Collection

In 1990, Sir Elton John got sober and unknowingly began collecting one of the most significant private collections of photography in the world. He has collaborated with the Tate Modern to exhibit an extraordinary collection of photographs from the classic modernist period of 1920-1960. On a cold and wet Thursday afternoon in London, I went to see The Radical Eye exhibition for myself, and it didn’t disappoint.

Critique the Community: Submit Your Best Editorial and Fashion Images Now

Fstoppers is happy to announce the next round of Critique the Community. We invite everyone to submit your best editorial and fashion images to be critiqued by Clay Cook. Please follow the guidelines for submissions below to ensure eligibility for your image to be chosen. We will be accepting submissions through Friday night, November 18 and will be offering feedback to a total of 20 pictures.

How to Constructively Critique a Photographer’s Work

As an aspiring photographer, it eventually becomes obvious that likes on Facebook or comments such as “Beautiful work Kiddo!” from your mother aren’t exactly providing an objective evaluation of your talent. Constructive feedback from others in your field is something that everyone can benefit from at times, even as a professional. The problem is, most of us don’t take criticism very well especially when it comes to something we’ve poured our heart into and may actually love on a personal level.

Would You Let a Computer Critique Your Photography?

Photography and critiques seem to go hand in hand. If you've spent any time on social media you know exactly what I mean. Critiques can provide valuable insight into your work but that of course depends on the source. What if that source was a computer? Meet Keegan, the artificial intelligence photo critic that aims to be your personal photo coach.

Free Today Only: Fearless Photographers Big Critique Day

If you are in the wedding industry, then I'm sure you have heard of Fearless Photographers. But in case you haven't heard, Fearless Photographers is a wedding directory that specializes in photographers that are not afraid to push their limits. Like most directories, they have awards for the best submitted photos as well as top photographers of the year, but they also do so much more. The founder Huy Nguyen puts a very large emphasis on helping other photographers get better as well as raising money for charities and organizations that help those in need.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith Demonstrates the Perfect Way to Deal With Criticism

As part of the screening circuit for his new movie releases, filmmaker Kevin Smith typically holds a Q&A session afterwards in which he gets to interact with fans. Any audience member is welcome to stand up to the mic and throw out a question for Smith to answer at length. At a recent Q&A session he got some blunt criticism for his upcoming movie “Yoga Hosers,” but the way he handled it couldn’t have been better. This is something we all could learn from.
Landscape Photography Design Part 5: Advanced Communication

We’re living in a visual society. Every day, we see new ways of visual advertising. Some of the messages presented without the use of words can be very powerful, as if there's some subliminal code that makes us think. As photographers, we are used to delivering messages by solely providing the image. Or are we? This series is the go-to resource for compelling visual storytelling in landscape photography and closes this week with advanced communication techniques that help create spectacular images. Join me now as we dive into the deep end, far beyond compositional elements like lines and color and learn that secret code by heart.

Critique the Community Episode 19: Architectural Photography with Mike Kelley

The Fstoppers team has been working on a new project with Mike Kelley. Two weeks ago, we asked you all to submit your best Architectural images to be critiqued by Lee and Mike. We had some great submissions, and 20 images were selected to be reviewed. Check it out to see if your image was selected, and hear great advice on how to better your architectural photography.

Critique the Community with Mike Kelley - Submit Your Architectural Photos

The Fstoppers team has been working on a new project with Mike Kelley. While we're with him, we wanted to give some of our readers the chance to have their architectural images critiqued by one of the best in the field. Join us for our next episode of Critique the community by submitting some of your pictures below in the comments. We will be selecting a total of 20 images to give feedback to. See the instructions below to submit your images correctly.

Critique the Community Episode 18: Concert Photography

A few weeks ago, we asked the Fstoppers Community to submit their best Concert Photography, you all rocked out! It took us a little longer to get the Critique back in front of your eyes with Lee Morris' wedding and finishing up the new Joey Wright Swimwear tutorial, but we finally have it ready for you. We selected twenty of our favorite images to review. Take a look at the selections and add your thoughts in the comments below!

Lamenting the Loss of the When and What in Photography

The sheer volume of photographs being produced has reached unforeseen levels. We take photographs almost without thinking now; any vaguely noteworthy event garners a veritable mass of cameras and cameraphones. But quantity does not necessarily beget quality, nor does it necessarily enable the photographic eye to sharpen itself. In fact, the digital age has (to a degree) destroyed appreciation for process, thereby relegating craft to an anachronism, a relic of a time when the process of making pictures forced a certain deliberateness in their creation.

Critique the Community: Submit Your Best Concert Images Now

Music concerts are often a wide mix of sensory input, and a good concert photographer must figure out a way to capture the full scope of a concert experience in a single image. How well are your images accomplishing this difficult task? Submit your best concert photos to our next episode of Critique the Community! Please follow the guidelines for submissions below to ensure eligibility for your image to be chosen. We will be accepting submissions through Sunday night, February 28th, and will be offering feedback to a total of 20 pictures.