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Snowy Street Photography: Quarantine Relief

Isolation can be catching up to many of us during this time. While some artists are in colder climates, others are in humid areas, but both are experiencing cabin fever. Photography Benjamin Lee takes us on a little photography journey to make us feel as if we are on the outside doing what we do best: photographing life.

What's in a White House Photographer's Camera Bag?

For eight years, photographer Pete Souza had my dream job, photographing the president of the United States and being on the front line of the biggest news stories of our time. In his latest IGTV post, Souza talks about some of the gear he used to capture his iconic images.

How Focusing on Storytelling Can Improve Your Photography

While strolling aimlessly along downtown streets this weekend, doing a bit of photography just for fun, I was reminded of one of the reasons I fell in love with photography in the first place. I was also reminded that this simple reason still provides benefits, both professionally and personally.

The Curse of a Good Relationship in Photography

Most of the time, photography relies on good relationships. They make the business run smoother and ease the shooting. In some areas of photography, smooth jobs are not the best, though.