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7 Tips for Better Winter Photos

Winter is just about here in the Northern Hemisphere (there is a bad storm raging outside as I write this), and it brings with it a bunch of new creative possibilities. As you get ready for the snow to fly, check out these seven fantastic tips for better winter photos.

7 Tips for Natural Light Beauty Photography

Of all the genres in photography, beauty work often has some of the most precise, intricate, and carefully sculpted lighting setups out there. Nonetheless, that does not mean you can't shoot beauty images using natural light, and that may even be preferable in certain situations. This fantastic video tutorial discusses seven tips for shooting better natural light beauty images.

How to Be Successful on Instagram in 2021

Though Instagram has changed quite a lot in the last few years (and not particularly for the better), it still remains an important place for displaying your work and attracting potential clients. This excellent video discusses how to rethink how you use the app and approach it in a way that will generate growth in the coming year.

How One Photographer Almost Lost His Business

Running a photography business can be a risky and nerve-racking venture, and it helps you to have all of the business advice you can before you dive into things. This excellent video essay discusses how one photographer nearly lost his business and offers seven essentials for building and running a successful photography business.