The Only Preset You Need to Be a Great Photographer

A lot of photographers seem to fall for promises that presets make, and sometimes, they are true. There are packs out there that give decent results. But the problem with presets is that they do the creative work for you instead of helping you be the creative you wish to be. And that is what is holding you back. But what if there's one unique preset that will distinguish your work from everyone else's? You can't buy it, but you can develop it. Here's how.

How to Create Large Prints of Your Photos

There is something special about seeing your work in print, and a particularly large print can be especially entrancing to behold. This great video tutorial will show you the process of creating a large print from shooting it to hanging it with plenty of helpful tips along the way.

4 Easy Ways To Get Out of a Creative Rut

We all fall into creative ruts at one time or another; it is a natural part of photography. And it is not always an option to simply wait it out. So, what can you do? This great video tutorial discusses four different tips for breaking out of a creative rut and finding inspiration again.

This Landscape Photographer Breaks All the Rules and Gets Great Photos

Landscape photographers generally do everything they can to ensure top-level image quality: a slow, deliberate workflow, steady tripods, mirror lockup mode, low ISOs, and more. So, what happens when you go against all that? It turns out you can still create fantastic images. This interesting video follows a photographer as he eschews all the rules for the sake of creativity.

100 Essential Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements

There is an almost infinite variety of camera angles, shots, and movements at your disposal to realize your creative visions, and the more you know, the better your work can be. This fantastic video will show you examples of 100 essential angles, shots, and movements.

One-Light Product Photography

Given the global pandemic of COVID-19 (and the year that shall not be named), I very quickly found out that I am indeed, contrary to previously held opinions, an extrovert (and not an introvert). But given the situation, I wasn’t photographing people. What could I make that would work well with the images I already create? I do quite a bit of fashion and beauty work, so why not products that go with those?

How to Make On-Camera Flash Look Natural

Photographers generally avoid on-camera flash whenever they can, but there are situations in which you will not have another option. For those situations, there are certain things you can do to make the light look more natural, and this helpful video tutorial will show you what they are.

Choose Colors Deliberately for Extraordinary Photos

There are a bunch of different ways to make your photos stand out: great light, gorgeous model, amazing locations, idealized retouching, but one that is often overlooked in favor of these less subtle approaches is color. We photographers tend to schedule a shoot, show up, capture what's there, and pat ourselves on the back for our genius, but what goes into the shoot before we schedule it can be just as important to the end result as what we do with our lights or our camera. Let's look at an example from my work for Lifetime. No lights. No reflectors. Just color.

How To Make Your Portraits More Creative

Portraiture is about much more than simply capturing someone in a pleasing pose with good lighting; it takes a certain amount of creativity to make images that distinguish your work from the crowd. This excellent video tutorial discusses how to make your portraits more creative.

How to Replace a Sky and Add a Proper Water Reflection Using Photoshop

Sky replacement is one of the biggest trends right now, with many programs offering replacement capabilities at varying degrees of automation. Photoshop recently added a powerful sky replacement feature, and though it does not handle water reflections automatically, it is not that difficult to add them manually, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you how it is done.