15 Tips To Help You Become a Better Photographer

Photography is a complicated pursuit, requiring the confluence of a myriad of different skills and your creative vision to find success. This fantastic video gives 15 tips on a range of topics that will help you become a better photographer.

Why You Should Stop Using Sliders for Editing Landscape Photos

The majority of us start editing our photos by working with the sliders in Lightroom or our editing program of choice; after all, they are right there when you begin to edit. However, that might not always be the best way to work. This fantastic video discusses why you should perhaps forgo the sliders more often and embrace a different approach to editing your photos instead.

How a Cheap Umbrella Can Produce Professional Photographs

Lighting modifiers are a necessary tool for working with artificial light, but they can be quite expensive, and building a library can quickly drain your wallet. However, the humble umbrella is highly affordable, and you might be surprised by the shots you can create with them. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to create professional profits using an umbrella.

10 Helpful Tips for Working With Actions in Photoshop in Just Two Minutes

If you spend any amount of time working in Photoshop and particularly if you perform the same tasks over and over, it is well worth learning about actions, as they can greatly increase both the consistency and efficiency of your workflow. Whether you are new to actions or a seasoned user, this fantastic video tutorial will give you 10 tips for working with them in just two minutes.

Why You Should Learn to Use Your Camera's Manual Mode

If you are brand new to photography, you are likely using your camera in auto mode right now. And while modern cameras are highly advanced devices, auto mode can be fooled quite easily and will not always give you the results you want, which is why you should consider learning manual mode. This great video will show you the huge differences between the images that can be made with auto and manual mode.

Natural Light Versus Flash Versus Strobe

Roberto Valenzuela is a Canon Explorer of Light and is constantly pushing himself and others to learn the possibilities of light. In a recent project, he set out to take images of a single model with three different types of light (natural, flash, and strobe), and I asked him to talk us through the results.

Using a 70-200mm Lens for Landscape Photography

When you think of landscape photography and the lenses used, you likely think of wide angle options meant to capture all of the scene in one frame. And while those absolutely have their place, longer focal lengths can enable creative possibilities that weren't possible before. This great video examines what you can accomplish with a longer lens.

What Should You Look for in a Pro Camera?

You have carefully perfected your technique, you have developed a creative style, and you are ready to truly invest in a professional-level camera. How do you choose the right one for your work? Before you drop a significant amount of money on one, check out this fantastic video that details what you should be looking for in a professional camera.

5 Tips To Help Edit All Your Photos

One of the most difficult things in editing isn't knowing how to color grade, use radial filters, or Photoshop. It's knowing what a photo needs once you sit down to edit it and these five tips should help guide you in tackling any photo you have.

Helpful Tips for Selling Landscape Photo Prints

One of the most common ways to make money through landscape photography is to sell prints, but with such a crowded market, it can be tricky to stand out. This excellent tutorial discusses some of the best-selling types of prints as well as some helpful tips for maximizing your sales.