Off-Camera Flash for Beginners

You can do quite a lot with natural light, but if you want to truly take full control of your photos, learning how to work with artificial light is the way to go. If you are wondering how to get started, this excellent video tutorial will guide you through the process of shooting outdoor portraits using a speedlight and affordable shoot-through umbrella.

How to Create High-Key Portraits With a Mix of Natural and Constant Light

The high-key look is quite popular in a variety of applications, as it produces a bright, punchy image that instantly draws the viewer's eye to the subject. You do not always need powerful strobes to achieve it, however. In fact, you can do it with nothing more than natural light from a window and a constant LED source, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how it is done.

My Golden Rule of Forest Photography (Not Fog)

Forest photography can be a complex endeavor. There are many factors to take into consideration to increase the aesthetic value of your photo. There is one thing I keep having to remind myself, which applies to all the scenes I have photographed so far.

How to Retouch a Portrait in Photoshop

Knowing how to light, pose, and shoot a portrait is only half of what it takes to create a great image. In order to create a polished, professional portrait, you also need strong editing skills. This excellent video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to professionally retouch a portrait in Photoshop and to also add your own personal style to it.

How to Photograph Eye-Catching Seascapes

Seascapes can be a great alternative to standard landscape images and a way to use the motion and energy of the water to offset stationary objects and create more dynamic visuals for your viewers. This excellent video tutorial will show you a landscape photographer's experience from his point of view as he shoots seascapes.

A Fundamental Off-Camera Flash Technique

A lot of photographers struggle when they first start working with off-camera flash. One of the most fundamental and crucial techniques you will need to master is balancing your strobes and ambient light. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to do just that.

5 Ways to Improve Your Portraits

Taking a successful portrait requires the confluence of good technique, creativity, and your ability to interact with and direct your subject. If you have been struggling with your portraiture work, check out this excellent video tutorial that will offer you five tips to help you produce better results.

5 Traps Landscape Photographers Fall Into

Every genre has common traps that lure photographers in, causing them to miss out on better images, and landscape photography is no exception. This excellent video tutorial discusses five of the most common traps and how to recognize and avoid them in your work.

How to Compose Woodland Photographs

Whereas most landscape photos involve vast, sweeping scenes, woodland photography is an interesting change of pace that challenges you to create compelling imagery in densely packed spaces full of competing elements. This excellent video discusses the challenges of woodland photography and offers some helpful tips for creating better compositions.