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Beautiful Oasis in an Otherwise Hectic World: A Unique Photo Series

Art is a huge form of self expression. We use it to push through a traumatic experience, to pull us out of sadness, or even to express the intense happiness we feel when we are overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds us. Sometimes, we can also have this same effect on others maybe without even trying .

Kaleidoscopic Time-Lapse Video Looks Like Another World

Time-lapse photographer Michael Shainblum has created a unique and visually stunning video utilizing flipped and mirrored versions of his footage in a kaleidoscopic type fashion. The movement and attention to detail are done very well with the accompanying music.

Elevating the Boudoir Industry With Competition [NSFW]
As in any industry, it is important to push yourself for healthy competition. Entering photography contests or competitions can really push you creatively. Recently in a contest for a photography forum, an artist caught the eyes of many of his peers.

Veteran Creative Director Creates a Horror Glitch Series Using Analog Effects

Televisions are not only a great place to view horror, but they have also played a key role in a number of scary films over the years from Poltergeist to The Ring. See how an artist has tapped directly into our psyche with some truly chilling imagery created using a series of analog devices to create the effects.

When Opportunity Meets Experience: A Once in a Lifetime Photo

Great shots are often a combination of experience, planning, timing, effort, and of course, luck. A talented newspaper photographer got the shot of a lifetime while photographing an air show in Niagara Falls earlier this year.

The No Forced Smile Approach to Special Needs Photography

"Say cheese" might be one of the most common things you think of when it comes to standard portrait photography. In the days of mall studios or even class pictures, this phrase is something we can all attest to hearing at least once in our lives. With more modern day photography, there has become less and less forced smiles and bribery in order to get that perfect image.

How a Photographer Continues to Find Himself Through the Camera

For some of us, photography is a job that we love, and for some of us, it's a window into our very being that can help us discover or rediscover who we are. This touching video features one photographer who uses the craft to learn about himself and heal.

Remove Surface Glare On Your Interior Photos With This Quick Tip

When photographing commercial interior images, a common issue is an unsightly glare on reflective surfaces. Removing these reflections by compositing image layers significantly improves your images, separating you from the pack of "run-and-gun" real estate and interior photographers.