Fine Art

Viviane Sassen Talks Process and Inspiration

One thing many of us struggle with in our journeys as photographers and filmmakers is finding what we want to say and then expressing it effectively through our chosen medium. In this short documentary about Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, we get a look into what informs a photographers choice of subject matter and method of expression.

Photographing a Laundromat for Six Months

In the modern world, very few of us take the time to slow down and really explore the best possible expression of a subject. With much of the photography industry being results focused in the fast-moving market we live in and even personal work being shared directly to social media for instant gratification, very few of us take the time to photograph a laundromat for six months.

Photographer Creates Her Own Spacesuit for Fantasy Portrait

Anya Anti is an internationally published photo artist from the Ukraine who now lives in the Big Apple. If you have never seen her work, you are missing out on a whole series of quirky, interesting, and fantastical images that stir up emotion and imagination.

The Beautiful Art of Photographing Strangers In Intimate Settings

Couples photography has become more popular in the boudoir industry. It is a way to connect, interact and photograph moments between a couple to give a glimpse into their relationship. Although what happens when the couple is a pair of complete strangers?

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Fine Art Prints

Did you ever want to get into the prestigious and often lucrative world of selling your photos as fine art limited edition prints, but didn't know where to start? In this video, learn how you can get started in the fine art world of photography and start making money with your photography today.

A Guide to the Not so Obvious Photo Spots in Arizona

People are constantly visiting me here in Arizona, and wanting me to point out the best places to take photos. Of course everyone wants to hit the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and maybe Horseshoe Bend.

Some Simple Steps to Planning and Photographing a Great Image

Has it been a while since you got back to your photography roots with a creative shoot just for you? Sometimes, we need to hang up the business hat and get back to what makes us feel happy and creative. Here's some inspiration.

Creating Titles that Add Value to Images

Capturing an image is one of many steps in the process of putting together a photographic body of work. While titling your images is not obligatory, if you are thinking of exhibiting them or submitting to competitions, then this can be an important step. Although this can sometimes seem daunting, it need not be. If you’ve struggled with this, then read on.