Fine Art

Artists Create Giant Aurora Alien Cats

While we are inundated with beautiful images of the northern lights online and on social media, I think it's safe to say you've never seen aurora art like this before.

Photographer Captures a Rare Rainbow in Jersey

A rare sight was captured at the Jersey Shore this week. When photographer Jon Entwhistle saw a peculiar sight, he aimed his camera to the heavens and virality ensued.

'The Scream' Painter Edvard Munch's Rare Photographs to Go on Display

For most people who know the name Edvard Munch, there’s an immediate association with his iconic painting, "The Scream.” This artist, fabled for his emotionally impactful painting, is not known for his photographs, but his lens-based work will soon be available for fans of art and photography.

How Printing Your Work Can Be Priceless

I know that many of us get caught up looking for the next piece of gear to buy or searching for our next portfolio shot, but it's possible the most satisfying thing you can do in photography is to print your own work.

Print Your Photography: Part Two

Welcome to the second official entry in my exploration of fine art printing, paper, and why we're meant for more than cell phone screens. In this entry, we're looking at a paper that absolutely blew my mind from the very first test print I ran.