Fine Art

Print Your Photography: Part One

Your work is greater than a Graham cracker sized cell phone screen and you know it. When it comes time to select which paper you print on, you've got a lot of options. Let's take a closer look at a few things to consider when making your choice and examine one example up close.

Fine Art Photographer Jaime Ibarra's Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

Internationally known for his fine art portraiture with his signature color palettes, artist Jaime Ibarra has been respected and loved for this photography and post production work for several years. However, a devastating diagnosis recently has him reluctantly reaching out for help, as full-time artists unfortunately have to do when tragedy strikes.

How to Actually Improve Your Photography

In this article I'll share five tips on how I actually improved my photography. Here I'm not talking technicalities such as sharper images, shallow depth of field, using a tripod, or removing your lens cap.

Social Media Cannot and Will Not Do Your Work Justice

Ask yourself a pretty simple question: how hard do you work? If your honest answer is that you work pretty darn hard then it's important to come to grips with the idea that social media will never be able to showcase that hard work; you need to be printing your images.

How to Buy Your First Fine Art Photographic Print

Prints by established photographers can sell for thousands of dollars, and, if you choose wisely, can increase in value over time while also looking good on your wall. If you have a lump of money burning a hole in your pocket, why not consider a limited-edition, signed print by one of the art world's most recognized photographers?

How I Shot These Dramatic Bharatanatyam Dancer Portraits

I always wanted to shoot the portraits of a classic Bharatanatyam dancer, but by adding a modern touch to the 2000-year-old traditional dance form. Here is how we created dramatic dancer portraits with a little technique and lots of imagination.

Stepping Back in Time: The Collodion Wet Plate Process

While there are plenty of aficionados still shooting film, there are very few capturing images onto small sheets of glass, and then playing with potassium cyanide, naked flames, and lavender oil varnish as part of their post-production, techniques which date back to the mid-19th century. In this short video, documentary photographer David Gillanders discusses the collodion wet plate process and explains why he loves creating these unique images.

The Fine Art Print Bet is Over - Here's Who Won

Around two weeks ago, Lee and I made a bet over my image, "Atlas and the Sun." In a limited 50 print run the goal was to sell 49 in ten days and make Lee buy the last one to place above his desk.

Photographic Tribute to Preserve the Legacy of Lumberjacks

There's still plenty of families and communities that heavily rely upon the forestry industry. Finland, a country many of us associate with deep woods and arctic temperatures, continues to carry the strong legacy of those who spent their lives working in the forest, and as such, photographer Sanna Vornanen celebrates the lives of lumberjacks all around the world through her latest project.