Hot Light

This Videographer Used LEDs in Times Square, and the Results Are Stunning

Shooting out on location in a busy environment like New York City can be extremely difficult. When dealing with police, public safety, traffic, and pedestrians, it can often be near impossible to create the look you want without sacrificing your lighting. The way videographer David Geffin tackled these issues in his latest project, "Let's Dance," is pretty brilliant.

The World's First Wearable Cinematic Light

Spiffy Gear has made a name for itself by creating unique lighting products such as Spekular and the Light Blaster. They are now adding a third exciting solution to their range of products with Lumee.

How to Create an LED Panel out of an Old TV Monitor

As photographers and videographers, let's be honest, we never have enough light equipment. But it can quickly become quite expensive! Thanks to DIY Perks, if you own an old TV that you don't use anymore, you won't have to break your bank account to add a new LED panel to your kit.

This Is My Favorite Portable LED Light For Video

Are you in need of a powerful, versatile, and compact RGB LED light that won't break the bank? I was and this might now be my favorite hot light for shooting on location.

Hotlights Versus Strobes: Why Choose One Over the Other?

When it comes to building out your kit, there is the eternal quandary. Constant lights or strobes? What are the advantages of each? What are the disadvantages of each? What are you giving up going with one over the other? This video from The Creative Contrast gives us a small look into why you may want to choose one over the other.

Beauty YouTuber Uses Over $10,000 Worth of Equipment to Shoot Makeup Videos

Recently, one of the most significant beauty and makeup YouTubers released a video showing what kind of setup she’s using to shoot, and it’s absolute madness. If you thought people on YouTube were still shooting with webcams and the iPhone flashlight, you are in for a real surprise.

Light & Motion and Elinchrom Start a New Collaboration

The Swiss flash manufacturer, Elinchrom, and the innovative video light maker, Light & Motion, announced today that they are joining forces to bring new game-changing products to the market. The news comes in right after Elinchrom made the Skyport Protocol open to other brands. Thus, it’s no surprise that the new partnership is unveiled along with two new wirelessly controllable video lights.