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5 Weird Things Boudoir Photographers Do

Every genre of photography has quirks that the photographer gradually adopts as normal. This is one boudoir photographer's weird habits and although some of them are specific, there is a lot of crossover with other genres in places.

The Worst Things I Have Bought as a Photographer

I have no doubts that we have all forked out some of our hard-earned Benjamins on something completely regrettable, as I certainly have. Over the years, I have made some questionable purchases, and here are the worst.

We Interview the 'Greatest Photographer in the World'

I met the self-styled “greatest photographer in the world,” Harry Schidtshlinger, last week. He was sporting a bloody nose, trying his best to stem the flow with his lens cloth. I offered to postpone, but he was determined to be interviewed, and I wanted to hear his story.

Hilarious Music Video Shows Nikon Is the Potato Camera That Everyone Should Hate

Nikon has been in the photography industry for a long time, but what have they actually done? I mean, sure, they've made plenty of great and extremely popular cameras, but anyone can do that. When have you ever seen Nikon try to be cool and attract a younger crowd? I guess there was the Nikon Df. However, what has Nikon done since then?

This NFT of an NFT Just Sold for $10 Million

The NFT craze continues to explode, as for the first time, an artist has bought an NFT of the NFT that points to his own work of digital art — for $10 million.

Can the Sony a7S III Keep Up With This Camcorder From 1998?

I promise this is not actually a serious comparison. It is hilarious, however. Sony's new a7S III is the pinnacle of its latest video technology, and it brings with it a plethora of advanced features and capabilities. But let's not forget Sony's once-popular line of Handycam camcorders. This great video takes a look at the two and why the Handycam just might be better.