Knowing the Difference Between Your Gifts and Your Talents

Whether you shoot video or photographs, you're a creator, and regardless of how long you've been doing it, you'll always want to get better. If you have the desire to grow either your audience or your skills, this video contains some great information.

Is Photography as We Know It Dying?

Every couple months or so, I find myself in a conversation about the state of photography. There is no doubt technology is pushing our field farther and faster than ever before, but is this technology actually killing photography?

Insights on Retouching With Kelly Robitaille

Recently, I had the good fortune to interview high-end retoucher Kelly Robitaille to get her insights on retouching and learn how she’s built her career and skills as a high-end retoucher as well as getting her advice to those who want to build a similar career.

Ask the Pros: Five Tips for Better Portrait Photography

Portrait photographers know how overwhelming it can feel to create work that depends on collaboration with a complete stranger. With this in mind, I asked five professional photographers in central Texas for their top portrait photography tips.

National Geographic Photographers Explain What It Means to Be a Contributor to the Famous Publication

National Geographic Magazine has been educating people since 1888 about cultures, places, wildlife, and science. While the writing is always well researched and written, it is the photography supporting the essays that has really captured the attention of its readers. Some of its current crop of contributing photographers discuss their roles, photos, and why photography plays an important part of raising awareness in this video.

Felix Hernandez Lands 'Rover' on the Moon

A long-time friend of Fstoppers Felix Hernandez shoots an out of this world cover for Top Gear Magazine. This project is a perfect example of how brands, publications, and artists can collaborate authentically.

The Bold and Colorful Fashion Photography of Richard Terborg

Richard Terborg is a conceptual fashion, portrait and fine-art photographer from Holland. Known for his bold and crazy colors, Richard is just as bold and crazy in real life. In a fun way, not a ruin your life way.

Joel Grimes on How to Be a Successful Photographer

As I've gotten older, one thing I've learned is that it's often easier and quicker to learn from someone else who has "been there and done that" than it is to learn by trial and error on your own. In this video, Serge Ramelli interviews Joel Grimes about what it takes to be a successful photographer.