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Photographer Revisits Capture of Epic Total Eclipse Imagery

What lengths would you go to in order to capture an amazing, unique perspective of one of the most photographed events in human history? Photographer Jon Carmichael shares with us the extraordinary story about how he captured an amazing aerial shot of 2017’s total solar eclipse.

Filmmaking Is Hard. Are You Up for It?

For a lot of people who aren't in the film industry, it might see like filmmaking is all kinds of fun and glamour. Peer just a little bit behind the curtain, though, and you'll realize just how complex and stressful that life can be.

A Conversation With Art Streiber

Art and inspiration go hand in hand. For photographers, curling up in the corner of the bookstore with a stack of magazines, oohing and ahhing at photographs we wish we had created seems to be a part-time job. However, equally as important as what our heroes produce is how they produce it. We can learn a lot from the methodology of the folks that do what we want to do day in and day out. With that in mind, here's a conversation with Art Streiber.

Photographer Captures Intriguing Images of Horror Film Action Figures

What happens when you combine an incredible collection of horror movie action figures, a vivid imagination, and awesome photography skills? Meet Jesse Diaz, a toy collector and photographer from Los Angeles, CA, whose incredibly realistic images of his toy horror figures in action are both entertaining and impressive.

The Remarkable World of a Forensic Imaging Specialist

Think of forensic science and what images are conjured in your mind? Possibly something out of Silent Witness, CSI, or even The Wire. What then is involved in forensic imaging? John Smith explains.

Quentin Tarantino Gives a Glimpse of How He Writes His Stories

He doesn't always know how the second half of the movie will go. He needs to be inspired enough to actually start writing, and if you've seen Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, the dialogues of his characters are gripping right through.

Healing Powers: Stroke Victim Uses Photography to Recover

For most of us, photography is a passion, a business, a hobby, or an artistic escape. For Maureen O'Sullivan-Day, however, it's helped her to recover from a stroke. This is an inspirational story that reminds us of how powerful artistic expression can be.

Shooting the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos

Greg Beadle has once again received an invitation as one of the photographers at this year's WEF conference in Davos. This time, Sony gave him their gear to try out. Here are his thoughts and some of the pictures he took.