Is the Fujifilm GFX 100S the Ultimate Landscape Photography Camera?

Fujifilm's GFX mirrorless camera series has brought medium format into direct competition with the upper echelons of full frame systems, opening up an entirely new format to many creatives and making it a potentially appealing option for a lot of landscape photographers. This awesome video follows a professional landscape photographer as he uses the camera and also talks you through his thought process for his images.

Scouting Landscape Photography Locations With Virtual Reality

For any landscape photographer who prioritizes getting the money shot over serendipitously stumbling on a picturesque scene, using apps to predict the weather and to visualize an image is a foundational aspect of their workflow. While there are some incredibly useful apps out there, there isn't much that could beat being able to virtually travel to a location and time.

How to Get an Impressive Red Sky in Your Landscape Photos

You've probably seen the photos featuring a landscape with an intense red sky. There is a simple but effective way of achieving such a photo even when the colors are only a small band at the horizon.

How to Isolate and Edit a Sky Using Photoshop

When it comes to landscape photography, the sky is a crucial part of almost every image and something that you will spend a good proportion of time working on in post. If you are looking to improve your sky edits a bit, this helpful video tutorial will show you both how to isolate and process them in Photoshop.

The Beauty of Rain for Landscape Photography

Most of us do not particularly enjoy being out in the rain, especially with expensive camera equipment, but enduring the elements can bring about magical moments if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The neat video follows a photographer as bad weather rolls in and shows the interesting images he was able to create.

Fstoppers Reviews Haida’s NanoPro Magnetic Kit: Essential Filters Made Easy

While there are dozens of options for filters, covering different effects, sizes, and manufacturers, I’ve found that I only need a few key filters for a landscape shoot. I like to use neutral density filters and circular polarizers, both of which are impactful and less easy to replicate in software. Haida’s NanoPro line has delivered great results in my past experience — can their magnetic filter line deliver the same quality?

3 Ways to Make Money With Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a tricky genre in which to make money, as unlike most other genres, there is rarely a direct relationship in which a client pays you for a specific brief. As such, making money with it can be a bit trickier than in other cases. This great video tutorial will give you three ideas to make some money with your work.

The Reality of Being a Landscape Photographer

Hop on Instagram, and you will probably get the impression that landscape photography is the sort of thing where you travel from epic place to place, enjoying jaw-dropping views and beautiful weather. The reality is far from that, though, and you can get a greater appreciation for the process by seeing what really happens behind the social media posts, and this awesome video will show you just that.

5 Helpful Tips for Photographing Landscapes With a Wide Angle Lens

When it comes to landscape photography, a wide angle lens is most often the tool chosen for a given scene, simply because most scenes have a lot to take in. However, wide angle lenses come with their own unique challenges and pitfalls. This great video tutorial will show you five helpful tips for improving your landscape images when working with a wide angle lens.

How to Get a Better Keeper Rate in Photography

Improving your keeper rate is desirable, but it also usually plots out your growth as a photographer; the higher your skill, the better your keeper rate. However, there are tips and tricks that are developed for the sole purpose of improving your keeper rate regardless of skill.

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather in Landscape Photography

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. Something like a tornado would probably qualify as bad weather. However, if the weather is not threatening your very safety, I would go so far as to say it is good weather for landscape photography, rain, shine, or anywhere in between, and this great video demonstrates why.

Helpful Advice for Fall Photography

Fall is also upon us, and with it will come numerous opportunities for photos of vibrant leaves and landscapes. The time of best color often passes unexpectedly quickly, though, so it is important to be ready and have a plan in place if you want to get the best possible photos. If you are preparing for autumn photography, check out this great video tutorial that offers some helpful tips and advice.

A Beginner's Three-Step Guide to Creating a Landscape Photo

Starting in any new genre of photography can be daunting. Each comes with its own challenges, and landscape photography is no different. If you are a beginner landscape photographer and looking to get started with it, check out this helpful video tutorial that will give you a basic three-step process for creating images.

7 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photos

Creating a successful landscape photo takes the confluence of a wide range of factors, such as technique behind the camera, creative vision, understanding of the elements, and post-processing capabilities. If you are looking to improve your own photos, this helpful video tutorial features seven tips that should get you to where you want to go.