Becoming a Full-Time Landscape Photographer: 9 Months on YouTube

Becoming a full-time landscape photographer can be difficult to navigate and there are many paths you can take. I've focused heavily on developing a YouTube channel to hopefully turn my passion into more, and in this 3rd update, I go over my progress, revenue, setbacks, and what the future holds.

An Important Tip for Better Composition

It doesn't matter how proficient you are with your camera and how expert your post-processing skills might be, without a full and strong understanding of composition, you will likely fall short of great images, most of the time.

How to Plan Stunning Moon Alignment Photos

You have probably seen jaw-dropping photos in which the moon aligns with some sort of natural or man-made landmark. They take a fair deal of careful and precise planning, however, and this excellent video tutorial will show you exactly how to do it to get your own shots.

An Interview With Siddharth 'Sid' Mantri: Moments of Narrative in Landscape Imagery

Siddharth "Sid" Mantri is a landscape photographer currently based in Spain. His unique voice leads him to find smaller moments of a narrative within large landscapes. He creates images that aren't just swathes of landscape, but rather elements within a landscape that unequivocally act as a subject within a scene.

How To Get the Most Out of Summer Landscape Photography

Summer is here, and with the weather warming up, it is a great time to get out with your camera, enjoy the elements, and make some great landscape images. With so many opportunities, you might be wondering how to get started. This excellent video tutorial will show you a range of great tips to help you get the most out of your summer landscape photography.

How to Focus Stack for Perfect Sharpness From Start to Finish: Part One

As you progress in landscape photography, you might find yourself wondering how others get everything in focus within their images. In this article series and video, I'll go over how to focus stack while in the field and what to do once you sit down to process your images.

How to Focus Stack Nighttime Landscapes

Focus stacking is a common technique used by landscape photographers for images in which ultra-deep depth of field and high levels of sharpness are desired. You can use it for nighttime landscapes that incorporate things like the Milky Way as well, though it takes some additional considerations. This excellent video tutorial will show you a workflow for the technique as well as offer some helpful tips to ensure you get the best quality images.

How to Photograph Light Trails

One of the most popular long-exposure subjects out there is light trails, in which the headlights and taillights of moving vehicles create eye-catching pathways throughout the frame. They can be a great creative tool, and they are also a ton of fun to shoot. This excellent video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to create great light trail shots.

Some Helpful Tips on Photographing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are some of the most popular landscape photography subjects out there, and there are as many ways to photograph them as there are waterfalls in the world. If you are new to photographing them, this awesome video tutorial will give you some great tips from an experienced landscape photographer that will improve your work.

Improving Landscape Photos by Creating Separation

If you look at the work of a lot of successful landscape photographers, you will probably notice that the majority of them are very good at controlling the layers of an image to create a sense of depth that draws the viewer in and encourages them to linger and explore the photo. Being able to effectively separate those layers to avoid the image becoming cluttered is a crucial skill, and this excellent video tutorial discusses how to compose your photos to do just that.

Here's Why You Should Put Yourself in Your Landscape Images

A lot of landscape photographers will tell you that the best types of images are devoid of people — just nature in all its splendid, unspoiled glory. I beg to differ. Here are some reasons why you should put yourself in the frame of your landscape images.