Learn How to Light and Shoot This Dramatic Portrait

A portrait with a dramatic golden sky behind the subject is a highly popular and timeless look, and it is also a fantastic way to learn how to balance artificial and ambient light. If you are new to the technique, this helpful video tutorial will show you how to set up and shoot such a portrait, including a lesson in using high-speed sync.

How a Simple 5-in-1 Reflector Can Drastically Improve Your Work

Lighting equipment can get really expensive quite quickly, but one of the most useful pieces of lighting equipment is actually extremely affordable. The 5-in-1 reflector is something that should be in every photographer or videographer's bag, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to make use of it to dramatically improve the look of your video and images.

How I Have My Office Set Up to Record and Zoom

In this day and age, more and more people are setting up recording spaces. Whether for simple work meetings, live streaming, or recording content, the need for a good-looking space is in high demand. This is a walkthrough of how I have my space set up and lit.

How to Shoot a Professional Black and White Portrait With Just One Light

If you look at the work of professional portrait photographers, you will probably notice that they frequently use more complex two- or three-light setups. Such setups certainly have their place, as they enable a lot of creative flexibility, but that does not mean you cannot take professional portraits with just a single light. This excellent video tutorial will show you an effective single-light portrait setup for taking compelling images.

5 One-Light Portrait Photography Setups

A lot of the work by professional portrait photographers uses more complex two- or three-light setups. And such setups absolutely have their place and give a wide amount of technical and creative control, but you can also accomplish quite a bit with only a single light. This excellent video tutorial will show you five great one-light setups for portrait photography.

Do You Really Understand How Reflections Work in Photography?

Controlling reflections on your subject has to be one of the trickier skills to master in photography. It's a deep and nerdy topic to dive into, but this video is specifically about food photography and how simple changes in your shooting angle can dramatically affect the final image.

Do You Need a Filter for Night Photography?

Filters can be used in a variety of situations, particularly in landscape photography, but do you need them when you do night photography, and will they improve your images?

How to Use V-Flats to Create Eye-Catching Light for Portraits

Lights and specialty modifiers can be quite expensive, and filling out your collection can be a major hit to your wallet. However, one of the most versatile modifiers and a favorite of many studio photographers is also one of the cheapest. The humble v-flat is tremendously useful, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to use them to create eye-catching light.

Learn How to Light and Photograph These Outdoor Portraits

Learning how to balance artificial light with ambient light is one of the most important and versatile skills for a portrait photographer to learn. If you are still working on that, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you a series of outdoor portraits shot using a combination of strobes and ambient light and how they were lit.

How to Light a Headshot Using Speedlights or Strobes

You have probably seen professional headshot photographers using powerful (and expensive) studio lights, and while there are certainly benefits to those, that does not mean you can't use things like speedlights to create compelling images. In this excellent video tutorial, well-known photographer Peter Hurley will show you how you can light a headshot even using only speedlights.

Have You Ever Tried Using an Optical Snoot?

There are many modifiers out there, but there are almost always more than you realize. Here is a term you may have heard of, just not with optical in front of it, and it opens up a lot of room for creativity.

See How Peter Hurley Uses Natural and Continuous Light for Headshots

Most professional headshot photographers use strobes for their studio work, but of course, that does not mean you can't use continuous or even natural light for your work. This excellent video tutorial from the one and only Peter Hurley will show you how to use both natural light and continuous lighting for taking headshots.

5 Tips for Lighting the Background of a Portrait

When it comes to lighting for portraits, we mostly focus on learning how to light our subjects; after all, that is what the eye is drawn. But a complete image involves accounting for how the background is lit as well, and that can be the difference that makes your photos truly professional. This helpful video tutorial will give you five tips to improve the lighting of your portrait backgrounds.

How to Light and Shoot Portraits in the Rain

It is not something we do often, but shooting portraits in the rain can be a great way to give your images a different look that captures the eye. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to light and shoot compelling portraits in the rain.