What Is This Strange Lightroom Symbol For?

If you spend a few years building a catalog in Lightroom, you may have noticed a strange lightning bolt symbol that occasionally appears on your photos. While it is just a tiny symbol that is easy to miss, it actually has an important impact on your images, and it is worth taking note of it when you see it. This helpful video tutorial will show you what it means and how to act upon it when it shows up.

5 Reasons to Choose Capture One Over Adobe Lightroom

If you’re not a fan of Adobe’s subscription plans or find that editing your photos isn’t quite as quick as you’d like, you might want to consider checking out Capture One. Here are five reasons to make the move and five more reasons to stick with Lightroom.

Adobe's New AI Masking Is a Game-Changer

Prepare to be wowed. Up until this point, Adobe has been pretty mum on the capabilities of the new AI masking coming to Lightroom and Camera Raw, except for a single “sneak peek” video that didn’t go into very much detail.

3 Tips for Better Edits of Fall Landscape Photos

Fall is here, and vibrant colors are popping up everywhere, waiting for you to capture them with your camera. And while your technique behind the camera is, of course, important, fall photos also demand strong post-processing abilities to get the most out of them. This excellent video tutorial will show you three helpful tips for enhancing the color in your autumn images.

5 Useful Tricks for Editing Landscape Photos in Lightroom

Creating a compelling landscape photo often takes just as much work in the editing process as it does behind the camera, and there are many ways to go about getting the look you want. This awesome video tutorial will show you five useful editing tricks for working in Lightroom that will make your workflow more efficient and help you craft better images.

5 Lightroom Tips That Will Improve Your Workflow

Lightroom is a place where a lot of photographers spend a ton of time, and any tips you can pick up to speed up your workflow or improve your image quality can pay off quite a bit. This helpful video tutorial will show you five tips that will both make your workflow more efficient and increase your image quality.

3 Key Things I Keep in Mind for Every Fall Photo

The season of red, orange, and yellow leaves is just about here. Whether you’ve already gone out and taken some photos or are just about to, it can be really helpful to keep a few key concepts in mind. In this guide, we'll be taking a look at what to do when you’re behind the camera, as well as in front of the monitor editing those shots.

How to Fix a Badly Lit Portrait in Adobe Lightroom

As photographers, we come across many different scenarios, and it might not be possible to get the perfect shot with the perfect lighting 100% of the time. It could've been that we didn't have the right gear with us or that we were in a rush. Either way, that shouldn't be a reason to shy away from trying to get the best possible shot and bringing it to life in post-production. In this video and article, I'll be showing you how to fix a portrait with bad lighting in post using Adobe Lightroom.

How to Save a Terribly Lit Portrait in Adobe Lightroom

We have all taken a shot where the flash didn't fire, we didn't have any lighting for a sudden moment, or we just made a mistake. If the image is particularly nice in other regards, it can be disappointing. So, here's how you can save portraits that aren't well lit using Adobe Lightroom.

A Complete Lightroom Wedding Editing Tutorial

Wedding photography is a highly demanding genre, both behind the camera and at your computer. Given the intensive post-processing requirements that can often stretch into a multi-day process for a single event, it is crucial to have an efficient and well-structured workflow. If that is something you would like to learn, check out this great video tutorial that will show you one wedding photographer's Lightroom workflow from start to finish.

How to Color Grade Your Photos in Lightroom

It used to be that if you wanted to do serious color grading, you needed to head over to Photoshop, but in recent iterations, Lightroom has gained some easy-to-use and powerful color grading tools that make it easy to accomplish what you need right there. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to use Lightroom's color grading tools to create better images.

7 Steps for Advanced Black and White Editing in Adobe Lightroom

Black and white photography moved from a necessity to a decision long ago, but it is still revered and enjoyed today as one of the primary forms to display a photograph. However, editing from color into black and white can take some time to master and create truly memorable results. In this video, go through an advanced seven-step process for turning a basic black and white edit into a masterful one.