Make Lightroom Classic Yours: The Best Ways To Customize Your Experience

While Lightroom Classic doesn’t offer as many customization options as programs like Photoshop, there’s still a number of major improvements you can make to the default experience. You can speed up browsing, create a way smarter default set of adjustments, and even rebrand Lightroom with your logo, in just minutes.

How Your Phone Will Make You a Better Photographer

Phone photography has come a long way since its flip phone origins. Today, you might not even be able to tell the difference between a photo taken by a phone and a dedicated camera.

How Lightroom's Range Mask Can Improve Your Photo Edits

One of Lightroom's lesser-known but highly useful features is the range mask, which can make your editing both easier and much more efficient. If you have not used it before, this awesome video tutorial will show you how to use range masks in Lightroom.

5 Great Ways To Take Your Photo Editing To the Next Level

Improving your editing doesn’t necessarily mean getting your head around the Tone Curve or finding new ways to use the Color Grading panel. Check out these five practical tips to help you be more thoughtful in your editing and discover how to create your own style.

How to Remove Power Lines From a Photo Using Lightroom

Unlike a lot of Europe, power lines in the United States are almost always above ground, and that can be annoying and ruin what otherwise might be a great shot. Luckily, for the most part, they are not particularly hard to edit out of an image, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how to quickly take care of them using Lightroom.

7 Time-Wasting Lightroom Editing Traps You Need To Avoid

There's a lot of time-wasting traps you'll encounter when editing images in Lightroom, things that'll send you down a rabbit hole for hours on end. Find out how to avoid them and what to do instead.

3 Helpful Tips for Getting Luminous Skin Tones in Lightroom

The light and airy look is highly popular for weddings, family photography, and more, and one of the most important aspects of it is the skin tones. This helpful video tutorial will show you three great tips for getting luminous skin tones in Lightroom.

How Long Should You Spend Editing a Photo in Lightroom?

The ideal situation is to take a photo that requires no editing whatsoever. But those shots are few and far between. In most cases, it's important to edit photos in order to develop them properly, but how long is too long when it comes to image editing? I'll be taking a look using Lightroom.

All the Basics of Editing Photos in Lightroom

For most photographers, Lightroom is the place where their photos start and often, where they finish. When you are first starting in photography, it is probably the program you will first need to master, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how everything you need to know about editing a photo with it.

How to Fix Chromatic Aberrations Using Lightroom

Chromatic aberration is by far one of the most common lens issues you will have to deal with, particularly with cheaper lenses or wide-aperture primes, and it can be quite distracting if not addressed. Thankfully, most post-processing programs can handle it quite easily nowadays. This awesome video tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily remove chromatic aberrations with just a few clicks using Lightroom.

How to Effectively Retouch Skin Using Lightroom

When you think of retouching skin, you likely think of using Photoshop over Lightroom, and for deep or intricate work, that is definitely where you should be working. However, Lightroom offers some built-in tools for this, and they can often be all you need to produce a finished photo. This great video tutorial will show you how to use them to produce naturally retouched portraits that still retain detail in the skin.

How to Save Time by Batch-Editing in Lightroom

If you shoot a genre in which you have to deliver a lot of similar images, you can save significant amounts of time and ensure greater consistency in your images by using Lightroom's batch-editing functions. This helpful video tutorial will show you a batch-editing workflow that will help you quickly get through large sets of photos.

How Does the Latest Lightroom Update Impact the Average User?

The latest Lightroom Classic update has just landed, and there are a fair few features and functions that will benefit many professional users. But what about the average Joe who uses Lightroom occasionally for their own hobbyist snaps?