An Excellent Look at Lighting On-Location Portraits

Lighting in a studio environment is tough enough, but shooting on-location portraits presents its own set of challenges. This excellent video takes you behind the scenes on an on-location portrait shoot for a magazine and details the problems the photographer had to deal with and how he solved them.

Inspiring Light Painting Ideas for Photographers With Drones

Light painting is something many of us photographers will have done at some point in our lives. Question is, have you ever tried doing it with a drone? Take your light painting to the next level quite literally with these inspiring ideas.

Paul C. Buff Announces LINK: An 800WS Portable Strobe

The past several years we’ve seen an amazing amount of new and portable lighting options in the photographic industry with breakout performers like Godox taking on the giants of the lighting world like Broncolor and Profoto. One of the biggest names in North America for lighting has been ominously silent but Paul C. Buff has finally responded and just released a new mid-tier performer that is sure to make many of Buff’s lighting fans excited for what’s coming next.

Outdoor Swimwear Portraits Using One Light on Location

When you're on location, being able to take great images with minimal gear makes life a lot easier; knowing what you can do with just one light is where a lot of folks start, and for good reason. Check out these great setups for when you're on the beach with a one-light setup.

Using Speedlights Versus Monolights for Location Portraits

Using artificial lighting for on-location portraits can go a long way to balancing out the exposure of your images and improving the look of your photos. But are speedlights or monolights the right choice? This great video examines the usage of both to help you decide the right one for your work.

Tourists Strike Again as Photography Banned in Kyoto, Japan

Disrespectful tourists and the destruction they leave in their inconsiderate wake have struck again as the most famous district in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has banned photography in most areas.

Learn Bounce Flash: Quick and Easy Lighting

Soft and beautiful lighting is the quintessential ideal for many portrait photographers, but what do you do when you need to work quickly in multiple locations?

Is Your Hometown Too Boring to Photograph? Think Again

As someone who spent more than 10 years living in London and now lives in a village of just 750 people, I can relate to those who struggle to find inspiration on their doorstep. In this motivating video from Evan Ranft, the photographer runs through some ideas of how to rediscover your hometown with your camera.

When the Sky Gives You Clouds Like These, Just Go Shoot

When the weather gods do something crazy, don't ask questions; just say thank you. You can try and plan your outdoor photography until you're blue in the face, but sometimes, when it starts to look like the conditions might be epic, you need to be spontaneous and just get out there.

The Toughest Shoot of My Career? How I Shot this Series of Action Images

I relish a challenge and I knew this job was going to be hard, but I had no idea how much improvisation would be required to complete this shoot and come away with images that worked for the client. Huge venue, one light, complex action, no reccy visit, and just six hours to get it all done.

How I Shot This Model in Just Fifteen Minutes

Sometimes it’s fun to set yourself a challenge, maybe shooting with limited gear or with a very quick turnaround. On this occasion, I had no choice. The shoot was conceived and captured in under fifteen minutes, and the images were edited and submitted less than half an hour later. Here’s how it came about.