Top Five Photography Spots in the Dolomites

There’s no denying that Italy’s Dolomites are stunning. This monumental mountain range in northeastern Italy is an idyllic playground for both outdoor adventurers and those seeking a taste of the region’s cultural heritage.

The Importance of Adding Character to Location Portraits

A good location portrait is the successful combination of a number of factors — lighting, wardrobe choices, props, location choice, and more. This excellent video goes behind the scenes of just such a set of portraits to discuss how all these factors come together to make successful, compelling images.

Photographing Heritage Railroads

Trains, trains, trains. Heritage Railroads offer a lot of fun and a great photographic subject for those who like to travel. In this article I share my methods of capturing these magnificent vintage iron horses.

How I Shot These Rooftop Fashion Images

I shot these images for fashion ecommerce store Zilingo when we were doing a recent campaign/catalog shoot. What a fun team to shoot with! They really have a vision for what they want to pull off and are very supportive in terms of getting there.

The Best Locations for Landscapes Photos May Be Just Around the Corner

Have you taken beautiful landscape photos at Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, or Iceland? Or perhaps you only dream about trips to these breathtaking locations. Don't worry; perhaps the best landscape photo you will ever shoot is in your home town, just around the corner.

Attempting to Define Street Photography

When it comes to street photography, what counts, how would you define it, and why? Here's a video that poses some potentially tough questions and attempts to define more abstract ideas that may have a fair amount of gray area regarding that very question.

Shooting Long Exposures in the Arctic Circle

If you had the opportunity to visit the somewhere in the Arctic Circle, what sorts of images would you hope to shoot while traveling? If long exposures cross your mind then this one's for you.

How Felix Renaud Shot Personal Project: Section Fumeur

When photographer Felix Renaud first discovered photography, a world of possibilities opened to him. With his background of drawing and cinema, he is drawn towards treating his images as if they were drawn from a film or inspired by a painting. He enjoys creating the ambiance and characters for his images.

Battle of the Photography Blogs: SLR Lounge Versus Fstoppers

It's another day in Puerto Rico and another photography shootout. Last week, we asked you which photo was better, but today, we take you behind the scenes and reveal the winning images. This is a battle for the photography blogs!

A Guide to the Not so Obvious Photo Spots in Arizona

People are constantly visiting me here in Arizona, and wanting me to point out the best places to take photos. Of course everyone wants to hit the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and maybe Horseshoe Bend.