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How to Shoot Fine Art Photography on an iPhone

I recently used one of my quarantine nights to create an art project for myself. A few weeks ago the rules were stricter about staying home and I used it as an opportunity to expand my own skills and vision. I encourage photographers who are stuck at home either because of the quarantine or protest curfews to push their limits and try new things.

Gucci Debuts Campaign Shot Entirely by the Models

Italian fashion house Gucci debuted their #GucciTheRitual digital campaign shot entirely by their models in quarantine. The digital campaign initially launched with a 16-second clip featuring creative director Alessandro Michele with each of the models in their homes, singing and dancing along to "Alright" by Britpop band Supergrass.

Best DIY Solutions for Home-Made Smartphone Rigs

For most creators, a smartphone is more than enough for creating content. If you’re stuck at home without your gear, you can still make your own rigs and start shooting.

Can you Edit a 100 Megapixel Raw File on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Whether you need to edit on the fly or you can't justify dropping a large wad of cash on a editing machine, making adjustments on Lightroom mobile could be an option for you. But can it handle 100 megapixel raw files, and if so, how well?

Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gains Curves and Apple Pencil Pressure Support

Adobe surprised everyone with a Photoshop for iPad announcement when they said it was "full Photoshop." Creatives were elated, but then later disappointed when that apparently meant the algorithms were the same as on desktop (good news), but the features were not (not so good). Major features such as Curves were not even available at launch, but today, at least some of that has changed.

Can You Photograph the Milky Way With Just a Phone?

Astrophotography is a genre that requires some of the most extreme and specialized gear. At the same time, though, photographic technology has made some remarkable leaps in the last few years, with some of that technology making its way into smartphones. Can you photograph the night sky with just a phone? This great video shows what you can accomplish.

Comparison: Is the iPhone SE Camera More iPhone 8 or iPhone 11 Pro?

The new iPhone SE looks mighty tempting to photographers hanging on for dear life to their older generation iPhones. It brings the promise of combining the smarts of the A13 Bionic chip with a single camera unit in a body similar to the iPhone 8, but does that help it’s photography any? Not much, it seems.

Moment's App Now Has Time-Lapses

Imagine you can add an anamorphic lens to a camera and shoot time-lapses with manual controls and a slow shutter mode effect built in, to give that real sense of motion in the shot. Yes, Moment has done just that, and it's all within their Pro Camera app.