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Sneaking into Coachella Lands This Guy the Career of his Dreams

Have you ever snuck into a concert before? How about a huge festival? Well, in 2010 James Marcus Haney really wanted to attend Coachella... the only problem was he didn't have the money to get a ticket. So what's the next best thing? He figured out a way to bypass security and get in for free and got to see some of the bands he had admired for years. He continued sneaking into festivals around the world for the next few years, and filmed every minute of it.

Music Photographers: Five Things to Know When Working with an Artist Manager

Sure, you could go grab incredible live shots of an artist and post them all over the internet. Guess what? If those images aren’t in their manager’s hands when it is time to make the new round of posters or t-shirts, you’re no further along in terms of advancing your photography business than you were before you hit the shutter button.

YouTube Sensation Sued for Copyright Infringement

YouTube Star Michelle Phan, who has 6.7 million subscribers to her beauty tutorials, is being sued for multiple copyright infringements. Ultra Records claim Phan has used music from its artists Kaskade, Deadmau5, and Calvin Harris, and profited from them. The company's lawyers claim they have found over 50 examples of her using said music.

OK Go Creates Its Most Mesmerizing Music Video Yet, All with Practical Effects

Known for their clever, continuous, long-take music videos, OK Go just released their newest video for the song, The Writing's On the Wall. The video certainly does "get you high," with a dizzying and mind-boggling array of practical and perspective games -- all filmed by the group members themselves as they hand off the camera on what seems to be a Manfrotto Fig Rig Stabilizer, or something similar. Keep an eye out for the tricks before they happen and let us know your favorite part in the comments!

The Photographers Behind Ultra Music Festival Pt. 1

Ultra Music Festival is one of the largest electronic dance music concerts in the world and brought in over 300,000 people last year in Miami. The heavy-hitting festival along with Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week just wrapped up this past weekend. I reached out to members of the EDM Photographers group that attended Miami's craziest week and asked how their experience was shooting these massive events.

Wistia Argues Music Will Make or Break Your Next Video

I tend to agree with Wistia, the video player company known for making awesome productions that teach you how to better your company's video productions. Yes, the right music really plays a major role on how your audience feels when watching one of your videos. Arguably, the right music makes a video what it is, and the wrong music will turn everyone off.

Norman Reedus & Al Wertheimer on "Capture"

Viewers of "The Walking Dead" are no strangers to Norman Reedus, but few may be aware that Reedus is an accomplished photographer. In this episode of Mark Seliger's "Capture," Reedus joins Al Wertheimer - who you may or may not know as Elvis's personal photographer. It's a great combination of guests - Reedus, known for his dark and almost morbid style (more pictures here) and Wertheimer, known for taking probably the most intimate shots of The King. As always, it's a pretty fascinating episode.

Behind the Scenes of the Oscars (Academy Awards) Trailer

Academy Awards season is swiftly coming and to get the buzz going a little earlier the Oscars have come out with a brand new trailer with talk-show darling Ellen DeGeneres and 250 dancing extras. The trailer was directed by Paul Feig who is best known for "Bridesmaids" and "the Heat". It looks like they used an ARRI Alexa to film the trailer. It's a fun and cute glimpse into what we can look forward to at this coming year's Academy Awards show.

Lynn Goldsmith Shares Her Stories Of Working With The Biggest Stars In The World

Lynn Goldsmith is considered to be one of the best music photographers in the world. She was one of the only female photographers in the scene in the 70s and 80s, and photographed pretty much all legend we can think of. From Michael Jackson to Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and The Beatles. In this interview with CBS she shares some of the stories and experiences she had as a rock and roll photographer.

Famed Music Producer Caught in Photographer Drama

Last night on the EDM Photographers Facebook group a member posted a tweet from an upset photographer who wasn't properly credited for an image that famed music producer, Diplo, posted on his Instagram feed. The concert photography collective, Visualbass, tweeted their irritation to Diplo about the uncredited photo and was met with a rather unpleasant and public exchange from the artist.