Take Fewer, Better Pictures While Traveling, And More Video

How many pictures do you average per day while traveling? I often shoot between 500 and 600 frames. That’s one picture every two waking, semi-caffeinated minutes. On our last trip, however, I hardly took any. And the results were enlightening.

Skylum Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Sky Reflections in Water

When Skykum gave us sky replacement features in Luminar 4 in 2019, it was a breakthrough that didn't require masks and a lot of work. A whole lot of landscape photographers and real estate photographers loved the feature.

Review: Topaz DeNoise AI Ups the Game for Removing Noise

I took a look at Topaz DeNoise AI earlier this year and found it effective at removing noise without killing the details in your images. My only complaint was that it was not a speed demon. On some large images, I had to wait almost a minute before the image was cleaned up. Is that better in the latest version?

Stanford Researchers Take a World-First 3,200 Megapixel Photo

You'll need 378 4K ultra-high definition screens to display this photo in full size. Imagine being able to see a golf ball from 15 miles away. Its low-light capabilities can also spot objects 100 million times dimmer than what we can see with the human eye.

7 Simple Tips to Create a Strong Depth in Your Photos

If there is one thing that makes a landscape photo “come alive,” it is adding depth to it. Adding depth either invites the viewer into the photo or can make the photo feel like looking through a window.

Skylum Wants to Completely Reimagine Editing with Luminar AI

Luminar software from Skylum has had a tremendous impact with many photo editors, bringing a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom-esque features along with some one-of-a-kind capabilities like one-click sky replacement and AI-based features for landscape and portrait photographers.

Great Tips on How to Get Perfect Panning Shots of Wildlife

While we often want to freeze birds and animals using fast shutter speeds to capture crisp images, sometimes we might want to create a sense of the creature’s movement by panning the camera. This short video explains how to set up your camera to get dramatic, motion-blurred shots while keeping the subject sharp.

Storm Chasing a Meteotsunami

Storm chasing on the Great Lakes can be a hit-or-miss enterprise. In particular, Lake Michigan presents a formidable challenge because the weather here typically travels west to east across the lake and often changes rapidly once over the water.

Improve Your Flower Photos With These 5 Tips

Flowers can be a wonderful opportunity for photographers to practice their camera skills. Whether receiving a bunch as a gift, or wanting to record the flowers in your own garden, there are a few things you can do to improve your flowery shots.