Remembering Leonard Nimoy Through His Captivating Photography Work (NSFW)

Leonard Nimoy passed away this week at the age of 83. His long career and legacy will always be remembered in his portrayal of the iconic character "Spock" from the 1966 TV series Star Trek. With numerous film spin-offs and a resurgence to the 2009 blockbuster Star Trek as the half-emotionless Vulcan he was just as relevant today as he was 40 years ago. Though his film career was beyond fulfilling in its own right, his photography work is what will also stay with us for years to come.

Lindsay Adler's Fine Art Nude - 3 Go-to Poses

Fine art nude photography is unique in that the nude form is your blank canvas. The possibilities for expression are endless. There is no clothing to detract from the subject, just the model in all their purity. This is why posing, one of your strongest elements for expressions, is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating beautiful fine art nude images. Here I will show you three go-to poses when working with fine art nudes and how to vary them for endless possibilities.

Photographer Documents the Female Form In Beautifully Arranged Nude Self Portraits (NSFW)

Photographer Polly Penrose documents the beauty of the female form through carefully planned self portraits. Seven years ago while visiting her step father's factory she discovered beauty amongst the cold metal of industrial machines and decided to photograph herself with them. Illustrating the juxtaposition of the bare and fair skinned female body against an unlikely environment, Penrose's series "A Body of Work" captures the relationship between subject and space.

NSFW: Warwick Men's Rowing Team Gets Naked To Fight Homophobia

There's a whole lot of eye candy in the 2015 Warwick Mens Rowing Team Annual Calendar, and while you indulge your guilty pleasures, you can feel good that the proceeds go towards fighting a good cause. Since 2009 the team has been releasing their nude calendar, and once they found out that the majority of their audience came from the LGBT community, they decided to shift the focus of their charity.

Boudoir Photography - What Exactly Is It And How Do You Approach It?

If you’ve been following the photography industry in recent years, there’s no doubt that the term ‘boudoir’ has entered your lexicon at one point or another. While the century-old niche has enjoyed renewed momentum as of late, there are many more different groups of people that seem to be losing their inhibitions today than upper-class exhibitionists of the early 1900s. Individuals and couples of all walks of life are seeking boudoir sessions and it’s becoming an increasingly lucrative business. But what exactly is it? And how do you do it?

ARGENTUM Desexualizes As It Embodies a Masterful Study of the Human Form (NSFW)

Los Angeles-based Italian photographer Guido Argentini produced a series of work called, "ARGENTUM " (Latin for silver), that will be released as both a fine art book and as a film that looks into the making and thinking behind the photographs. Each model -- all of which are professional performers -- was completely painted in a metallic body paint. The effect results in an interesting study of the human form (and, specifically, of the female form) in a way that is not sexual, but perhaps quite objective.

Photographer Cary Fagan Keeps Film and Art Alive

At the end of the day, a photographer's work takes just seconds to capture your attention. Usually, it is very obvious why you like a photographer's work, and other times, it is a bit of a mystery to you. This was the case when I first experienced photographer Cary Fagan's work recently. The fact is, based on what I like, what I shoot, and what I tend to gravitate to, I shouldn't like his work. But, I do.

Censorship is Good for Photography. Seriously.

If there is one medium that has been subject to the most censorship in society for well over a century, it's photography. Further, if there is one medium that has been responsible for the most heated debates about censorship, it's photography. For the most part, photographers decry and loathe censorship, whether it's because they capture nude figures, or create images with fictionalized depictions of violence, or perhaps - arguably the most important - they capture vital, photojournalistic visuals of the world around us which, let's face it, it's sometimes just plain scary. But consider this: Mainstream censorshop is not only necessary in photography, but it helps photography overall. No, really.

13 Incredible Examples Of Nude Body Painting

Today I stumbled upon the incredible body painting work of Emma Hack and I started surfing the web for body painting projects. I ended up finding 13 totally unique body painting projects that I believe are worth sharing.

ESPN Body Issue 2014 Is Out With Beautifully Executed Photographs of Star Athletes in the Nude

ESPN's Body Issue 2014 is out -- and the results are stunning. Every one of the 59 images in the "Bodies We Want" piece is a beautiful portrait of the pinnacle of the human form. There is no doubt these are professional atheletes with perfect, sculpted bodies. No puffed-up editing, no extraneous fluff. This is the real deal: clean, sharp, and on point. Oh, and did I mention there's a BTS video? No, wait. There are 13 BTS videos featuring the likes of Jamie Anderson, Michael Phelps, Venus Williams and many others.

[NSFW] The Human Body Photographed At Age 101

This recent project by photographer Anastasia Pottinger aims to document the deterioration but also the resulting beauty of the human body as it crosses the 100 year mark. Every sag, every wrinkle, and every age spot on display in all its glory. Though perhaps a little bit haunting and a reminder of what we can all look forward to the photos manage to capture the raw essence of human beauty in its later years.

Bondi Hipsters Do It Better (NSFW)

Australian supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, exposes all for British GQ's May issue. Accompanying the provocative nude images of Kerr, is an interview where she discusses love, sex, and potentially experimenting with another woman-ooh steamy. I'm sure you're wondering what could be better than a naked supermodel saying things like "The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get.” Well, I'll tell you: Australian pranksters called The Bondi Hipsters mimicking the photo shoot frame by frame.