John Crawford Shows Us A Bird's Eye Nude

Auckland based photog John Crawford has come up with a really interesting view on nude photography, aerial nudes. John's use of composition and space in this series is what really draws attention to it. It is nude art done in a way that we wouldn't typically expect to see it, and it is quite refreshing to see a new take on such an ancient form of artistic expression. Enjoy!

Fascinating Photos of Digital Body Painting - NSFW

Digital artist/photographer Wojciech Magierski [ website | facebook ] and photographer Jakub Dziedzic collaborated together on a shoot to create a mind bending series of photographs done with digital body painting. Simple concept with amazing results.

The Human Motorcycle -Body Paint and Photography

When asked to come up with some new promo material for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show that was creative, racy, and original, I.D.E.A met the challenge. By teaming up with Trina Merry, a body paint artist, and Juan Moreno, the photographer for the day, the team was able to create the motorcycles by using human bodies.

Nudes & Centerfolds: How To Light Them & Get Paid Doing It

Warning: this post is *NSFW*. (Not Safe For Work / Nudity)

Dean Capture, a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience behind the camera, has spent the last 10 years living in Los Angeles, shooting the most beautiful nude models and porn stars on the planet. He's shot covers, centerfolds, featured layouts for magazines like Penthouse and his work is regularly published on the largest, most successful adult websites on the internet. So, if it's always been a dream of yours to make a living out of shooting nudes and glamour then this post can help make that dream a reality. I know it's a tease but you will have to read the full post for us to bare all.