Pulitzer-Winning Photographer Discusses Capturing Tragedy

There's no doubt that photojournalism is an incredibly difficult profession full of a range of challenges for the photographer. This excellent and fascinating video sits down with a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist as he discusses how he captures tragedy in a respectful yet powerful way.

Humble Cameras in Iconic Moments

Photojournalism helps to shape our collective consciousness. In thinking about how important photojournalism is, I’ve often found myself considering what happens when amateurs with amateur equipment find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Award-Winning Photojournalist Accused of Faking Photos of Assassins

An award-winning photojournalist stands accused of faking a series of images documenting hit men carrying out acts of violence in Honduras. It is alleged that Swiss/Italian photographer Michele Crameri staged several shots of men wielding guns and threatening to kill people, following revelations from the Honduran fixer who helped him gain access to local gang members.

Getty and APO, a Marriage Made in...

Getty Images and APO Group have announced a partnership to promote integrated media solutions to clients across Africa and the Middle East.

Advice to Photographers on Pitching to a Photo Editor

Sarah Tilotta provides some words of wisdom on pitching to a photo editor. It's a short video with some gems worth remembering, like being nice. Seems like the world could use a lot more of that.

The Story and Impact of One of the World's Greatest War Photographers

Robert Capa was one of the greatest war photographers of all time, and his work deserves careful attention and study, as it can do quite a bit to improve our own. But in addition to his work, his life story is quite fascinating and definitely worth learning. Check out this great video that details his life and the impact of his work.

Woman Beautifully Photographs Her Own Childbirth

As the baby was crowning, Megan Mattiuzzo was clicking away. This might sound like a normal scene for most birth photographers out there, but Mattiuzzo was up against an extra layer of difficulty: she was photographing her own delivery.

Adams, Curtis, Weston, Levitt, Oh My: Stanford's Cantor Center Wins Again

The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford and The Capital Group Foundation have announced that The Center has been gifted a collection of photographs by some of the most esteemed photographers working in the United States throughout the 20th century: Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis, John Gutmann, Helen Levitt, Wright Morris, Gordon Parks, and Edward Weston.