When, Why, and How to Use Focus Stacking for Better Images

When it comes to landscape and macro photography, sometimes, you need more depth of field than you can get in a single exposure. When that is the case, focus stacking can give you more depth of field and sharper images, and it is not a particularly difficult technique either! This helpful video tutorial discusses when and why you should consider using it and two different ways to do it in Photoshop.

Share Your Spherical Panorama as a VR Video

NASA/JPL’s recent posting of the first Mars panoramic view from the Perseverance rover brought me back to some experimentation I had been doing a few years ago with spherical (360x180 degree) panoramic photos. Standardized viewers for interactively viewing panoramas aren’t readily available even today, but one option for sharing is to post a video on YouTube.

Quick and Easy Retouching Using Frequency Separation in Photoshop Plus Free Actions

Frequency separation is a powerful retouching technique used by many professionals to enhance portraits while retaining detail. As with many editing techniques, it requires practice and restraint for the best results. This great video tutorial will show you how to quickly clean up your portraits. Using the free action for Photoshop CC you can make your portraits pop without looking over-processed.

10 Helpful Tips for Working With Actions in Photoshop in Just Two Minutes

If you spend any amount of time working in Photoshop and particularly if you perform the same tasks over and over, it is well worth learning about actions, as they can greatly increase both the consistency and efficiency of your workflow. Whether you are new to actions or a seasoned user, this fantastic video tutorial will give you 10 tips for working with them in just two minutes.