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[FS Spotlight] UFC Photographer Joshua Hedges Pulls No Punches

Few photographers can nonchalantly say, “Yeah, I’ve had blood splashed on my camera.” But for sports photographer Joshua Hedges, 12 year veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it’s just another day in the office. The West Texas native has been become known for his mixed martial arts photography, and his work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, USA Today, Time magazine, The New York Times, and The LA Times. Fstoppers catches up with Hedges to hear about his favorite fight, why shooting the UFC is different from other sports, and staying focused while two guys pummel each other. Check out the full FS Spotlight interview!
[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #3 – 15 Images Of Splashing Drinks

This week I chose to feature some awesome splashing drinks photos. No, not the usual water-drop pictures, when I say splashing i mean splashing. There is something very interesting about all that mess, dont you think? Check out these great images in the Full Post and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments.
[FS Spotlight] Photographer Antoine Verglas on Lingerie, Swimsuit, and Fashion Photography

Every guy wants to be Antoine Verglas. The esteemed French-born photographer spends his days shooting the world’s most beautiful and charming women in the planet’s most exquisite locales, often while they’re wearing some of the world’s tiniest clothes. Tough life, right? His gorgeous portraits go beyond the obvious, however, exhibiting an unsurpassed aesthetic, powerful sexuality, and undeniable sensitivity appealing to both the sexes. You’ve seen his photographs in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Elle, Esquire, and Vogue, so now learn about living the good life from Verglas himself! Check out his full interview with FS Spotlight.
[Pics] Can You Guess What's Underneath?

Ok, obviously it's not that hard to guess what Photographer Todd Sanchioni used as his subject in these images. Ten years ago, his Covered Car series started out as nothing but later turned into something he couldn't avoid noticing; covered vehicles were everywhere. Click the full post to see more of his images.
[Hot Topic] Models and Anorexia: A Controversial Campaign

This campaign, in the January issue of Plus Model Magazine, has stirred up plenty of controversy. With the year just beginning, this may be one of the most controversial campaigns we've seen. Check out the full post to see what the fuss is about including the full spread and story. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
[Pics] The Dark Lens: Star Wars Meets Real Life

Photographer Cédric Delsaux took photos in dreary locations for the purpose of using them as backdrops for his Star Wars inspired series. What commenced was an epic series of ultra-realistic images that is an ode to Star Wars, set to a modern day theme. Check out the full post to see all the fantastic images from the set!
[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #2 – 15 Images Of Extreme Weather

This week I decided to feature some of the best weather-related images found on Flickr. Not just rain or lightnings, but also sand storms, snowpocalypses, and other extreme weather related events. So check out the pictures in the Full Post and tell us which is your favorite picture from the set. Also feel free to show us some of your weather photography in the comments! Ready? lets go!
[FS Spotlight] Mike Schreiber Shoots Hip Hop's Biggest Stars...With Natural Light

Mike Schreiber is not your average photographer. The renowned hip hop photog shoots natural light, has never assisted, and doesn't give a crap about your fancy digital camera. This badass photographer has shot for Vibe, Spin, Atlantic Records, The Source, XXL, and URB, and his portfolio is filled with incredible images of Erkyah Badu, John Legend, Mos Def, Diddy, MIA, and Nas. Not enough? Schreiber recently released his first book, True Hip Hop. I knew it was going to be a good interview when hip hop photographer Mike Schreiber’s e-mail signed off with the words “Find food. Mate. Don’t get eaten.” Check out our interview, where Schreiber talks about getting the shot, getting to the top, and keeping it real in the digital age.
[Pics] Mysterious Images Of Models Floating In The Air

Upon first seeing Fine Art Photographer, Diana Lemieux's work, I immediately thought etherealness, mysticism and sexuality. Most recently featured on Vogue Italia, Diana uses illusion to create mystery in this series of images. Check out the full post to see more.
[Video] 4,748 Self-Portraits And A Very Inspiring Story

Meet Jeff Harris, photographer, who in 1999 decided to start a personal project of taking a self portrait every day, and continues doing it even today. He wanted to make it different than most of the 365 projects, and make it more like a documentary. “I didn’t want 365 images of me sitting on the couch each day," Jeff recently told, "There could have been that tendency, especially during the cold dark winter months to stay inside all the time, but this project inspired me to get out there and seek out interesting things”. There is a twist in the story, which makes it even more interesting and inspiring so I recommend watching the whole video and not skip or stop in the middle. Do you know anyone who's doing this kind of a project? share it with us on the bottom. Jeff Harris (via Time via PetaPixel)
[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #1 - 15 Images Of Revolution Around The World

Hey everyone! My name is Noam (yeah, from The Stolen Scream) and I'm one of the latest addition to the Fstoppers team. Each week I’ll be bringing you some of the most interesting, amazing and unique photos from Flickr. If you have any theme suggestions, or even photos you think should be included in future stories - feel free to comment on the bottom, or write to me here - I will read each and every suggestion you have! This week I decided to start by showing some of the most amazing revolution, protest and riot photos taken this year. As you all know 2011 was a year packed with protests: Egypt, Syria, Libya, Greece, Canada and the US are just a few examples, and social media outlets such as Flickr, Facebook and Twitter were used as tools of communication and for spreading the news around the globe. Some of the pictures posted on Flickr were used by newspapers and magazines, but I want to show you some of those photos that many of you may not have seen before. Lets begin!
Click Here to see the rest of the pictures
[Pics] The Best Fstoppers Facebook Group Photos of December

As many of your may know, we have a vibrant and extremely active Fstoppers Facebook Group that has grown by leaps and bounds since Lee and I launched it in late October. I have personally been blown away by the quality of many of the images posted therein. If you're looking for some inspiration, the Fstoppers Facebook Group is a great place to start. I wanted to showcase what I considered to be the best, most well executed photos of the last month here for everyone to appreciate. Look forward to this as a monthly thing. If you have some stunning work you want to share with the Fstoppers, you might just find it here featured as one of the top shots of the month. View the full post to see them all and tell us what you think.