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Is Fujifilm About to Shock the Photography Industry Again?

A few years ago, Fujifilm sent shockwaves through the industry by releasing a medium format mirrorless camera with modern features and capabilities that was priced tens of thousands of dollars below other medium format offerings, followed by two more models that pushed the boundaries of price and capabilities all the more. And now, the company seems set to do it again.

What New Camera Equipment Can We Expect to See in 2021?

2020 has been a tumultuous year for the industry with some manufacturers struggling while others seem to have all but shrugged off the pandemic and released incredible new cameras and lenses. What does 2021 have in store?

Is an 8K Sony a9 III Going to Be the Canon R5 Killer?

It’s little more than a year since Sony announced the launch of the Sony a9 II, but despite that, we could see its successor unveiled within a matter of weeks. Rumors suggest that the a9 III is on its way, so what does the Japanese manufacturer have lined up?

The Canon EOS R7 Is Likely Coming Next Year

Canon's EOS R5 and R6 cameras have been very popular and well received, while the EOS RP and EOS R help to round out the lower ens of the company's mirrorless lineup. However, besides the upcoming flagship model, one notable absence is an APS-C model, but it now seems likely we will see such a camera next year.

Sigma Likely to Start Making Lenses for Nikon Z and Canon RF Mirrorless Cameras Next Year

No doubt, the huge influx of quality third-party lenses from companies like Tamron and Sigma in the last few years has been a huge boon to photographers, as we have been given quite affordable alternatives that still offer professional performance and results. Now that Canon and Nikon have moved to the world of mirrorless, many are eagerly waiting for Tamron and Sigma to start making lenses for the RF and Z mounts, and the good news is that Sigma will likely start doing that next year.

Should You Buy the Sony a7 III Now or Wait for the a7 IV?

With such good deals currently available on the Sony a7 III, buyers are faced with a tough decision: should you take advantage of the low prices to grab yourself a deal, or is it better to hold off until Sony releases the shiny new A7 IV next year?

Is Nikon Going To Release Two New DSLR Cameras Instead of Just One?

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Nikon plans to upgrade its legendary D850, but the latest speculation claims that the Japanese manufacturer is in fact planning not one but two more DSLR cameras. Is this the right move and what should these cameras be?

Should Nikon Release Another Flaghip DSLR Camera?

Nikon dropped the price of its legendary D850 by almost 15 percent last week, and retailers have rapidly run out of stock as a result. Given the demand for a DSLR that’s more than three years old, is the idea of a D850 successor looking like a smart move for the Japanese manufacturer?

Nikon Just Teased Their Next Gen Bodies: Here's What They Need to Have

Nikon has just teased a countdown to the Z 7 II and Z 6 II, with an announcement apparently coming October 14th. Are these just going to be iterative improvements, or is Nikon going to deliver an enticing upgrade for Z users to strike back at Canon's mammoth R5 announcement?

Canon's Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is Coming Next Year

The Canon EOS R5 has wowed photographers and videographers alike with its wildly impressive specs sheet, but Canon has made it clear that the R5 is analagous to the 5D DSLR series, meaning an R1 analagous to the flagship 1D series will eventually make it to market. And the good news is that the R1 will likely be here next year.