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More Canon Mirrorless Cameras Are Coming in 2021

After getting off to a somewhat middle-of-the-road start with the EOS R and EOS RP, Canon blew the doors off the photography industry with the upcoming R5, which has jaw-dropping specs across the board. Not content to stop there, the company will likely be releasing two more mirrorless bodies in 2021.

Will Canon’s Next EOS M Camera Be a 'Pro' Model With In-Body Stabilization?

Speculation is increasing that Canon has two new EOS M cameras due to appear later this year, with suggestions that one of them might be an entirely new model. Given that Canon seems to have shifted its attitude towards in-body stabilization, could one of these new cameras feature IBIS?

Fujifilm X-E4 Dead in the Water?

The Fujifilm X-E4 (set to replace the older Fujifilm X-E3 this year) seems to have been axed, according to reports on Fujirumors. However, it's not just the X-E4 that's finished before it's begun, the entire X-E line seems to be cast to the wayside as the X-E3, now discontinued, might be the last of its generation.

Is Canon Planning to Add a Cooling Fan to an M-Series Camera?

With camera bodies getting smaller and processors getting faster, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are having to explore new means of dispersing heat. This is not the first Canon patent to show a cooling fan inside, and how they could be implemented is still something of a conundrum.

Will Canon's R5 Pass the Cripple Hammer Test?

With the development announcement for Canon's next mirrorless camera, the R5, many are debating whether or not this will be the company's attempt to usurp the mirrorless throne. Of course, Sony has been the mirrorless king for the last few years now, but will the R5 withstand the legendary might of the Canon Cripple Hammer?

Canon May Have Seven More Amazing RF Lenses Due for Release in 2020

Canon seems to be a little bit shy about announcing the lenses for the new RF mount that are due to appear in 2020. The official roadmap is still a little thin, but rumors are emerging, and we could see a total of seven lenses in the next ten months.

Are These the Specs for the New Fujifilm X-T4?

The Fujifilm X-T3 has proven itself as an immensely capable and popular camera since it was announced in September 2018. Its successor, the X-T4, is just days away, and the internet is already excited about what it might bring.