Photographer Captures a Rare Rainbow in Jersey

A rare sight was captured at the Jersey Shore this week. When photographer Jon Entwhistle saw a peculiar sight, he aimed his camera to the heavens and virality ensued.

How Often Do SD Cards Really Fail?

There's been enough dissections on how Canon and Nikon shot themselves in their respective feet by releasing mirrorless systems with only single card slots. Trust Tony and Chelsea Northrup, though, to spice things up a bit with some scientific analysis.

The Heartwarming Moment a Man Sees Full Colors for the First Time

It can be easy to take certain things in life for granted, such as the ability to see the normal spectrum of colors. Color blindness is a lot more common than you might expect, and this heartwarming video of a man seeing full colors for the first time reminds us just what a gift vision is.

The Science Behind How Pop-Up Flashes Can Optically Trigger Off-Camera Flashes

Your camera may have the option to trigger off-camera flashes using the built-in pop-up flash. It’s a system that works wirelessly, but not by radio signals. Find out how the camera’s optical trigger is able to communicate to external flashes in this self-proclaimed super-duper nerdy video.

Mastering the Kirlian Photography Technique: A Short Guide

The Kirlian photography technique is still one of the most spectacular ways to shoot different subjects. This method is a bit of a mystery, especially for those who are beginners in the art of photography. Here's how it works.

Take a Tour of the Moon in Beautiful 4K With This Great Video

NASA recently released this stunning tour of the moon based on photos and visualizations built from data sent back from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. It's a beautiful and informative look at our nearest neighbor.

Learn the Science That Makes Camera Sensors Work

It's easy to take for granted the fact that our camera sensors somehow translate light into digital data that is eventually reconstructed as a viewable image on our monitors when we return to our studios. However, there's some very deep and impressive science behind this feat, and this neat video will introduce you to how it all works.