Highly Esteemed Photographer Dies the Best Way Possible

As jarring as it is to acknowledge, we all die. And the manner in which we die is something that many of us have probably contemplated at different times over our lives. For legendary photographer and publisher Allen Margolis, he passed away doing what he loved with those he loved.

Stop Making Excuses: Get Out and Shoot Some Photographs

So, what did you photograph in the last seven days? What, you didn’t shoot anything in the previous week? Nothing? Too many times, I hear: “there is nothing interesting to photograph” or “I’ve already photographed everything around me.” Well, to me, that means you just aren’t trying hard enough.

A Review of Shimoda Designs New Action X Series of Adventure Backpacks

Shimoda Designs made a big entrance into the adventure outdoor camera bag market with its original Explore series. Since then there has been a lot of competition from both new designers and industry leaders. Not to be outdone Shimoda is back with a new evolution of their previous bag with the Action X series.

NFL Photographer Knocked Down by Player Who Later Messages Her to Check She's OK

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is being heaped with praise by fans online over the way he handled accidentally knocking a photographer to the ground. In a clip from the game, he is seen helping her up, and later private messaged her through her social pages to check she was OK.

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Canon recently launched the successor to the EOS M6 with the aptly named EOS M6 Mark II. It's a seemingly innocent camera that looks almost exactly like its predecessor but is packed with very significant upgrades inside.

Shooting NFL Football With the Sony a7R IV

Traditionally, professional sports photographers use top-level cameras with low-to-medium resolution, as these cameras typically have the fastest frame rates, which are needed to capture professional athletes in action. But with Sony putting fast burst rates even in their higher-resolution cameras, sports photographers can now have the best of both worlds. This great video discusses using a Sony a7R IV for NFL football photography.

Sony Lens Recommendations for Sports Photographers

Whether you’re making the switch or just starting out with the Sony Alpha mirrorless system, sports photographers will want to watch this video that examines which lenses are worth your while to kit up with.

Hands On With Sony's $13,000 600mm f/4 Telephoto Beast

If you’re wondering whether to treat yourself to Sony’s new 600mm f/4 GM lens, you probably want to check out this hands-on video from Jared Polin. If a $13,000 lens isn’t for you, you might simply want to see how much of a difference the autofocus tracking on the Sony a9 can make when shooting sports.

Think Fast: What It's Like To Be A Formula 1 Photographer

Some of the highest performing cars, up close and personal. Formula 1 recently released a video to give us a track-side glimpse of what it's like to photograph these cars week-in and week out. Photographer Vladimir Rys was also kind of enough to share some of his images to help illustrate what they capture.