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[BTS Video] Todd Jones Shoots X Games Athletes at 1,000 FPS with Phantom HD Gold

Who doesn’t love watching the X Games? Those athletes are crazy. Just as captivating, though, is this behind-the-scenes two-part video on The Northface and X Games Baldface commercial. Director Todd Jones pulls out all the stops in this two part BTS documentary, breaking out a Phantom HD Gold, a helicopter, and building one really enormous jump.

[Video] The 5d Mark III and The Jaw-Dropping, Head-Scratching Sport of Radball

Canon France has just released what has got to be the most interesting promo video for a new camera in some time. Not only do we get a sneak peek at the video quality and capabilities of the 5d Mark III, but we also get a look into the sport of Radball: something I can only describe as "soccer meeting BMX meeting Urban Outfitters."

[Shocking] Getty licenses Nick Laham Photographs Of NY Yankees Taken With iPhone

Now this is pretty wild. Commercial sports photographer Nick Laham was forced to photograph New York Yankees baseball players in the in a bathroom stall instead of a proper studio. Instead of using a proper medium format or flagship DSLR camera and making due, Nick went with the next obvious choice: the Apple iPhone. What's even crazier is Getty Images,

[Video] Joe McNally Tests The New PW3's Range

Last week Pocket Wizard released all the specs for their new PocketWizard Plus III Transceivers. Along with the specs being released, so have a bunch of BTS videos and reviews. Our friends over at the McNally camp did their own testing on many of the features on the new PW3 as well. [Pre-order your PW3 here]. Enjoy!

[Pics] Seven Amazing Climbing Photos And How They Were Made
When it comes to getting the shot, I can't think of many genres of photography where more guts are required than that of climbing photography. Not only do the climbers have to scale seemingly impossible routes, but the photographers are more often than not right on the wall with the climbers, lugging DSLRs and a few lenses up with them too. Check out some jaw-dropping photos after the jump.

[Fstoppers Original] Behind The Scenes With Sports Illustrated
Have you ever wondered what it takes to take the best sports images in the world? You know, those photos that become posters and magazine covers? Well recently we caught up with four of the photographers from Sports Illustrated during the biggest game in college football and asked them what makes a great sports image. Click the full post to read about our experience and hear from the masters themselves.

[Video] Guy Walks On Speeding Sailboat's Keel For Photoshoot
This picture may look fake but I have video proof that it is 100% real. Alex Thomson really is standing on the keel of a speeding sailboat leaning violently on it's side. This image took multiple attempts all caught on video. Check out the full post to see this BTSV and 5 images taken from the stunt.

[BTSV] Behind The Scenes At The Winter X-Games
In this behind the scenes video from Vimeo (say that five times fast!), we get a look at the wide variety of gear that is used to capture the action at Winter X. From freelance photographers and videographers to full-scale production efforts, this video has a little bit of everything. See the video, which displays a staggering amount of gear, in the full post.

[FS Spotlight] Surfing Photography: Chris Burkard On Protecting Your Gear, Catching the Moment, and Drunk Boat Captains
Chris Burkard spends his days traveling to some of the planet’s most magnificent beaches, where he navigates all sorts of technical complications in search of the perfect surfing shot. Despite obstacles such as drunk Chilean boat captains, salt water corrosion, and even being thrown in a Russian prison, Burkard continually manages to capture the moment, the beauty of the landscape, and create timeless photographs. The Surfer magazine staff photographer has traveled the globe, won the Red Bull illume photo competition, and released photo book The California Surf Project... and he’s only 25 years old. Fstoppers catches up with the globe-trotting youngster to ask about his gear, craziest stories, and the technical aspects of shooting in the water. Hear Chris talk about his work in the video below, and then read the full FS Spotlight interview.

[FS Spotlight] UFC Photographer Joshua Hedges Pulls No Punches
Few photographers can nonchalantly say, “Yeah, I’ve had blood splashed on my camera.” But for sports photographer Joshua Hedges, 12 year veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it’s just another day in the office. The West Texas native has been become known for his mixed martial arts photography, and his work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, USA Today, Time magazine, The New York Times, and The LA Times. Fstoppers catches up with Hedges to hear about his favorite fight, why shooting the UFC is different from other sports, and staying focused while two guys pummel each other. Check out the full FS Spotlight interview!

[Video] ‘Park Life’ A Doc On Climbing, Life, And Filmmaking
The filmmakers at Louder Than 11 shot this documentary in Yosemite Valley and have made it freely available for anyone. While most of this visually-rich film shows bouldering, it’s all about the stories of the climbers, including the filmmakers themselves, who talk about balancing their passions for climbing and filmmaking. This has arguably some of the best graphics and editing I’ve seen in a rock climbing video. Shot on an AF100.

[Sports] Sports Illustrated Director Of Photography Steve Fine Talks Photo Editing
If you are a sports fan, you are going to love this interview. Grover over at Photoshelter recently interviewed Sports Illustrated Director of Photography Steve Fine. Steve's job is to pick out the absolute best "super selects" from a handful of sports photographers and publish those photos in record time (sometimes within hours). I recently met Steve and what I found interesting about his job is not only the insane amount of work that goes into finding the absolute cream of the crop photos but also how important Steve's eye has to be to tell the story of each game in only a handful of frames. With SI, their photo team winds up with dozens if not hundreds of great images but only a very select few can be published to represent the final theme of the game. The following interview is pretty long but definitely worth checking out, especially if you are interested in knowing how sports photography or wired images are used to create the magazines we see on newsstands daily. Enjoy!