Pete Barrett Shoots A New Balance Ad (Update)
Here is a quick timelapse of one of Pete's latests commercial gigs. It is a bit difficult to see what he is exactly doing in terms of lighting but I am simply impressed by the complexity of this shoot. Look how many people are on the set! After you watch this video head over to his website and be prepared to be blown away. Check the full post to read a message from the photographer.

Behind the scenes on the New Balance photo shoot. from Pete Barrett on Vimeo.

Ray Demski Shoots Cliff Diving For Red Bull
Ray Demski, Marcel Lämmerhirt, and Chris Stadler were all commissioned by Red Bull to shoot their cliff diving event in Hamburg. Shooting the event was no easy task but luckily for us Ray Demski was kind enough to share how they did it.

Fstoppers Original:  Dave Lehl, Snowboard Photographer
Dave Lehl is one of the best snowboard photographers in North America. Luckily we are good friends and were allowed to tag along during one of his photoshoots in the back country of Vail, Colorado. In Dave's own words, what you are about to watch is "pretty typical"...Click the post for another video of Dave talking about his career.

Dominique Daher Talks About Shooting Wind Surfing
Dom Daher is an extreme sport photographer. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have to shoot commercial photos while avoiding crashing waves and aggressive surfers then this video should wet your appetite.

Lars Franzen Shoots A Fight
Lars Franzen shows us how to take amazing pictures outside with only small battery powered strobes. If you want to see more of Lars' amazing photography check out his site at:

Behind the Scenes:  2010 Olympic POWERade Commercial
This little piece of awesomeness comes from a behind the scenes video for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games sponsor POWERade. Canadian NHL hockey player Jerome Iginla takes the ice in a promotional video for POWERade's new 2010 Olympic bottle campaign.

Kevin Winzeler Soccer Shoot

Kevin Winzeler is an incredible commercial photographer. Check out this video below of him shooting for Adidas and then head over to his website,, to check out his full port. My jaw literally was dropped as I was scrolling through his pics.