The Key to Having a Long Career in Photography is All About the Body.

There is no way to stay on top of your creative game if your body is falling apart. The wear and tear of shlepping gear up 4 flights of stairs, down alleys and packing, repacking and packing again takes its toll on our bodies. Here’s a few ideas, tips and tricks to help you work until freelancers get good healthcare….

Getty and APO, a Marriage Made in...

Getty Images and APO Group have announced a partnership to promote integrated media solutions to clients across Africa and the Middle East.

Indoor Climbing Photography Tips

Coming at you from EpicTV Climbing Daily, here is a great video with loads of indoor climbing photography tips.

DJI Claps Back at GoPro With the Osmo Action

As Omar famously said on "The Wire," you come at the king, you best not miss. When GoPro decided to get into the consumer drone market with its Karma quadcopter, it was taking aim squarely at the king of quadcopters, DJI. And it missed. Now, DJI is coming for GoPro with the release of its new Osmo Action.

Are You a Dreamer or a Doer?

Most photographers dream of being recognized on a large scale for their work. But for Russell Ord, an Australian-based, internationally awarded photographer, action on dreams means the creation of a new reality.

Lee Cohen: Ski Photography Master

Lee Cohen is currently one of the best ski photographers, and his images just might be some of the most iconic of all time. Watch this video to get a glimpse of his daily ski photography routine and to hear of his motivations.

This Is How You Get Amazing Shots Inside Waves

If you've ever wondered how surfers, water photographers, and marine daredevils get those incredible images from deep inside the heaving bowels of deathly, cavernous waves and want to know how you can do it too, find out exactly how it's done here.

Pro Athletes Turned Photographers: Is It a Problem?

There is a history of actors becoming directors, models become designers, and, more recently, athletes becoming photographers. Isaac Rochell, defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers, is one of the latest to step up to the lens. More often than not, the photography of these second career artists focuses on their first career: sport. What do you think about second-career photographers?