The Most Iconic Photos from the 2018 FIFA World Cup

In case you missed it, don't worry, we have compiled some of the best moments of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Since its kickoff on June 14, this has been one of the more memorable World Cups in recent history. There have been so many iconic moments, drama-filled events, and even social barriers overcome. Compiling all these moments into one article can't do it justice.

Get Wet and Get Started in Surf Photography With These Tips

The thought of intentionally submerging several thousand dollars worth of camera equipment in seawater is practically offensive to most photographers. But it's critical to move offshore and into the water if you want to really capture surf action up close.

Behind the Scenes of My Nike-Inspired World Cup Photoshoot

Every four years during the summer, the sports world pauses to draw its attention to the top echelon of professional football. I decided to put together a World Cup inspired shoot, shoot some concepts I haven't done before, and give you a behind-the-scenes, education glimpse.

An Inside Look at What It's Like to Photograph a Prestigious Motorsport Event

If you think that photographing Total 24 Hours Spa has anything to do with cucumber slices and a hot stone massage, then you are very wrong indeed. I will say, however, that when you finish photographing one of these endurance races you might need 24 hours in a spa. Have look at this fascinating short documentary to find out more.

How I Got The Shot: A Spontaneous Misadventure

Personal projects often take a lot of planning and persistence to pull off. They are passion driven assignments which is a big part of why they are so important to evolve as a photographer. However, sometimes opportunity and timing don't line up so you have to make the best of a poor situation. This is when experience and determination make or break an idea.

Photographer Amber Mozo Shoots Pipeline Where Her Famous Father Died

When Jon Mozo, an acclaimed surf photographer based on O’ahu’s North Shore, died in 2005 at the age of 33, he was doing what he loved best: photographing Backdoor Pipeline, which is considered to be one of the world’s deadliest waves. Among the four children he left behind is a daughter, Amber, who has followed in her father’s footsteps, photographing surfers, and recently visiting and photographing the very place where her father lost his life.

Top 10 Winter Olympic Photographs

Most sports photographers dream of photographing the Olympics. In a global event filled with such high intensity, drama, and action, it's difficult to imagine not capturing a jaw-dropping moment. But what distinguishes the best Olympic photographs from the great?

Behind the Scenes at the Winter Olympics with Getty Images

As the Winter Olympics draws to a close, Getty Images has offered this fascinating insight into the logistics of covering this remarkable and incredibly cold event. Battling geography, climate, and equipment while coordinating a huge team of photographers is an immense challenge.

BTS Aerial Photography of the VOLVO Ocean Race

Is it better to fly in a helicopter or use a drone when documenting action sports? Greg Beadle takes us through the gear and how he gets his shots, and we look at what the advantages are of being up in the air compared to flying a drone.

Skier Crashes Into Photographer at Winter Olympics

There is often an element of risk in sports photography: flying baseballs, out-of-control cars, or in this case, a crashing skier. Swiss Skier Lara Gut slid into Photographer Sean Haffey during her second run in the giant slalom in a scary collision at the 2018 Winter Olympics.